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Barbie Beauty Styler Now kids can design and decorate hairstyles and fashions for Barbie and her friends in unlimited ways. Barbie and the Three Musketeers is an adventure game in which you and your other 3 friends have to solve various puzzles and save the Prince. In Barbie and the Three Musketeers you can get the chance to play role of Barbie's character Corinne and her 3 Musketeers friends Renee, Viveca and Aramina. I have various collections of all Barbie games, but this game is one of my favourite among them. Barbie and the Three Musketeers is a fabulous adventure game in which I have to use several skills to save life of Prince. All 4 characters are interesting and also they have unique power and ability by which I can easily complete the entire game.

In this game there are various new puzzles comes in each level which I have to solve with help of other 3 characters. Choose from Barbie dolls in over 150 outfits, then create any hairstyle imaginable, from ringlets to straight cuts.
Corinne, a girl from the French countryside who wants to become a musketeer, so she joins with other 3 musketeers and start using different skills to attempt difficulty and puzzles which come in different locations based on movie. I have great collection of Barbie toys, accessories, sticker and many more, but this is for the first time that I have purchased and played Barbie game.
Add accessories to hair and clothes, and bring backgrounds to life with animated snowflakes, butterflies, blossoms, and more. At last, with power of friendship and teamwork they get success in saving the prince and fulfil their dreams to become a real musketeer.

Each character has different power and skills by which you can easily complete all missions. There are various specialties included in this game such as ribbon whips, Chinese fans, grapples and many more. Solve various puzzles and find treasures which come in your way and save life of the Prince.

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