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Reverie Dating SimPlay as Asuka, a girl that wakes up in a strange bedroom, a place made of dreams, the Reverie. Baby Hazel Halloween NightGo trick-or-treating around the town with Baby Hazel and her friends. Barbie Makeup ArtistBarbie is a gorgeous young girl and today she wants to be her own makeup artist.
Sofia The First has an important prom to attend tonight, but it seems that she is in trouble.
OtherDesign, cut and sew your own dream cocktail dress with our first 'Fashion Studio' game! BabyIf you like babies than this game will suit you better than any dress up game you'll find.

OtherThis fashionista is going to a red carpet event tonight but she doesn't have the perfect dress yet!
This recipe is called Popeye's Spinach Tortellini and the reason why Popeye will teach you how to how to prepare this delicious recipe in particular is because it is his favorite recipe in the whole world. Heavenly Playgirl Dating SimHelp a girl enter heaven by finding her soul mate in a town called Heavenhill. Magazine StylerDesign a fashion magazine, choose a background and the models, add text and stickers! Career StylistDress up three models applying for jobs according to their career orientation. Princess Juliet Escapes Treasure IslandGuide princess Juliet on a quest to recover the treasure stolen by the evil troll.

Catch fish on board of a pirate ship, mix colors, and find all the items to reach the treasure island.
She is a princess and she doesn't know how to wash the dress and that's why she is asking you for help.

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