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Its time to cook some pizza, when i say cook pizza i really mean cook a pizza from scratch, and who better to teach you than Miss Barbie. Including Cooking game collection, Baking games, Cake games, Food Serving games, Ice Cream games, Management games, Restaurant games .. Baby Barbie Cooking Cotton Candy Start up the spinning wheel and make some delicious treats in this Barbie Superhero cotton candy cooking game. Barbie Cooking Scrambled Egg Pizza Barbie had a dream of becoming a famous chef in the world. Barbie Cooking Greek Pizza Barbie is a very good chef, today she's going to make some delicious pizza! Report Broken GameBarbie PizzaJoin Barbie herself for a delicious lesson in making a one of a kind wasabi honey pizza covered in cheese, veggies, and pepperoni!
Chicken Pot Pie Cooking Bake a delicious traditional Chicken Pot Pie in this fun and challenging cooking game! Barbie Candy Shop Barbie is an entrepreneur, which means she's motivated to establish and maintain her own career. Everybody knows it and now you can put your skills to the test and help this darling little doggy make the most delicious pizza of his life.
Barbie Family Cooking Barbecued Wings Learn a fun grilling recipe in this Barbie superhero cooking game where she is going to need some help preparing some delicious buffalo wings with all sorts of spices and herbs.
Fun Time Pizza Making You run a busy Pizza restaurant and have to make all the different orders as fast as possible.
Mimi's Lunch Box Mini Pizzas Mimi leads a food club at school in which all of the members bring their favorite dishes to school for taste testing, then they vote on their favorite dish of the day. Monster High Halloween Pizza Monster High's Cleo De Nile is an Egyptian Princess who tamed a venomous cobra snake and kept it as a pet. Snow White Cooking Pumpkin Scones Help snow white to prepare some lovely pumpkin scones in the kitchen!
Chef Barbie Dress Up Did you know that in addition to all of the other exciting things Barbie does on the weekends, she's also a certified four star chef?

Cooking Bacon Pizza Pizza is a great food which allows chefs to explore their creativity in creating new and exciting flavor combinations.
Pay attention as he guides your through the process of baking up a delicious one of a kind pizza pie. Sara's Cooking Class: Bento Box Today, Sarah has prepared a delicious lunchtime meal that is sure to breathe new life into your meal breaks at school.
Mia Cooking Peach Flan Now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfect time of year for growing juicy fruits that are packed full of important nutrients.
Cake is the most important dessert at the wedding and without a special wedding cake, a wedding is not complete. Pappas Pizza You run a family Pizza restaurant and have to make all the customer orders as fast as possible. Pound Puppy Pizza Lost puppies are pretty easy to find if you put some pizza ingredients and let them follow their nose home. Mia Cooking Beef Burritos Join Mia in her kitchen to wrap up a delicious Mexican favorite, beef burrito. Perfect Pizza Chad the Tiger knows an ancient jungle secret for making the greatest pizza's in the world. Follow along in this one of a kind preparation cooking game to unlock the mysteries of the forbidden Za. Elsa Cooking Tiramisu Have a great time in the kitchen with this Elsa cooking game, she wants to make a special dessert called a tiramisu cake.
Papa's Pizzeria Papa has gone on another adventure but this time leaving you in charge of the Papas Pizzeria. Cooking Strawberry Cake Can you create a delicious strawberry cake for your cousin's birthday party? Jessy Cooking Cookies Cookies are a fun and easy snack that can be made out of a variety of different flavors. Pizza Hut Decoration Prepare, bake and dress your very own custom pizza in this yummy, cheesy step by step preparation and decoration game!

Rapunzel And Flynn Cooking Pizza Buns Can you help Rapunzel to make some lovely pizza buns? Elsa Cooking Gingerbread Elsa will be teaching you another recipe in this gingerbread cookie baking game and you will have the pleasure of savoring them with her once you are done.
Now is your chance take orders and use the machines to help give your customers exactly what they ordered! Pizza and Hamburger Saloon Create your dream Pizza and Hamburger restaurant in this virtual world game.
Banoffee Pie This cool variation on the banana creme pie uses those delicious hob-nob cookies as a homemade bottom crust! Can you be there as a doctor for her and make sure she gets well again and cook delicious food?
Sofia Cooking Princess Cake Play a fun Sofia cake cooking game as she really wants to share this secret recipe with someone skilled enough to make it.
Especially the kind that are both sour and creamy, so try making these tasty key lime pies!
Apple Piglet Cooking Show Hey chefs, welcome to a new episode of the Apple Piglet Cooking Show! This is the place to play free Cooking games in popular categories such as Baking Games, Cake Games, Ice Cream Games, Meals Games, Pizza Games, Restaurant Games, and much more!
Halloween Babies Now that it's Halloween time, there are plenty of holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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