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For Barbie you will need a blonde wig (unless you already have long, blonde hair), a pink get up, and some makeup.
The coupon code can be stacked: If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts. About KelseyI am a 26-year-old food and makeup addict living in Colorado with my fiance Xavier and our lovepup Scrappy CoCo. The newest toy in Mattel’s Barbie empire is a pink vanity mirror with lights that parents can snap their iPads into. Secondly, doesn’t the fun of playing with make-up kind of come with the mess of playing with make-up? Every single year it creeps up on me, and I have to decide what to be at the very last minute.
It's hard to find a balance between work and play, so I'm always tracking down the latest trends and serving them up with a twist of simplicity.
By downloading the accompanying app, little ones can start to smudge glittery eye shadow all over their faces, except without the mess of actually touching glittery eye shadow.

I’m a little more freaked out that we assume some kid out there would want to virtually paint their face over actually painting their face. I actually lost interest in make-up after my mom told me I could wear it for special occasions.
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Luckily, I have a few backup costume ideas up my sleeve that call for items that I already own. It's hard to find a balance between work and play, so I'm always on a mission to track down the latest trends and serve them up with a twist of simplicity. But there are also some serious tech fails when it comes to digifying the toy-making process. You don’t have to worry about your three-year-old drawing all over her brother with your $50 tube of Marc Jacobs lipstick. I’ll probably do the same for my children, but I’ll have to send them to my make-up artist brother if they want to actually learn how to put it on!

Remember when Disney thought it wouldn’t be creepy at all to put your child’s face on a mini princess figurine? Some super cool recognition thingy-ma-bobber recognizes what you’re doing and applies the pretend cosmetics. Yikes.¬†Well thanks to Mattel and the 110th International Toy Fair this week, we have a whole new bit of awkward tech to shake our heads at. The whole point of playing in mom’s make-up is looking like mom, or ya know, a normal human adult. Virtual make-up is just not the same as a bunch of brushes and my mom’s huge Mary Kay case, with 20 different eye shadows and four different blushes. If I don’t have to dunk my daughter in the bathtub after she’s played with my make-up, was it really worth doing at all?

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