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In the summer of 2009, Co-Founders Jessica Lee and Michael Sandler launched the Barefoot Running Club in Boulder, CO. On September 20th, 2011, Crown Publishing, a division of Random House re-released Barefoot Running, helping RunBare reach an even broader audience.  A year later, RunBare branched out into multimedia with the release of their first how-to DVD, Barefoot Running, The Movie.
Since their humble beginnings, Michael and Jessica have garned the attention of major media outlets from all major television networks to NPR, the BBC and the Martha Stewart Show, and Men's Health, Shape Magazine and Trail Runner, and more.
The release of Barefoot Walking: Free Your Feet on March 26th, 2013, followed by a 4-month book tour across the country. Barefoot running and walking retreats at exotic destination locations, beginning with Maui, HI. Michael Sandler, former speed skater and professional level cyclist, suffered multiple injuries over the course of a lifetime, the last of which occurred just over 3 years ago. Jessica Lee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy. The club's huge success inspired Jessica and Michael to launch RunBare, a barefoot wellness school to help people heal injuries, get active again, reconnect with Mother Earth, and discover a healthier lifestyle.

Later that fall, they took a giant leap of faith, both quitting their respective jobs to focus entirely on writing a how-to book to safely guide people through the transition to barefoot running. While inline skating down Boulder Creek Trail, a father and toddler stepped in front of Michael's path.
For nine months straight they toiled in front of their computers, surviving on various ramen creations and the generosity and support of close friends.
To avoid a collision, Michael threw himself backwards and in mid-rotation, landed on concrete. They drove across the country with their two dogs, Pumpkin and Sawa, a modest Suzuki hatchback and 4x6 trailer, speaking at outdoor retailers and specialty running stores.
Eventually, Jessica settled into a focused career as a marketing professional in the renewable energy industry. He'll be the first to tell you he doesn't believe in the word, "Can't." Slowly but surely, through a combination of determination, meditation, trust in the universe and the power of nature, Michael became a walking miracle. She subsequently gave up running until she met Michael and became inspired to run again, finding a pain-free joyous experience in barefoot running.

In 2006, a week out of his living room hospital-bed, Michael set the record for finishing the Bolder Boulder 10K on crutches (and a broken arm). These days running isn't about how long or how far she can go, but about experiencing the bliss of connecting with Mother Earth.
Two weeks later, Michael finished the Denver Half Marathon on crutches and became the only person to ever complete the half marathon on crutches. When he finally got off his crutches, Michael gradually worked himself into barefoot running. He was still being told he couldn’t run anymore, and with a ‘leg length discrepancy’ of over 10 millimeters, struggled to find balance and overcome nagging pain. Plantar Fasciitis’, as he needed custom orthotics just to walk across the living room floor, going barefoot was a major leap of faith.

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