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Basic obedience classes provides a  solid foundation that will enhance the relationship between you and your dog. Training your dog is a huge part of responsible dog ownership. Obedient dogs are calmer, well mannered and do not have behavior problems. Classes are limited to 8 dogs to give you and your companion more individualized attention and ensure success.
Training Your Best Friend uses only positive dog training methods that are well-documented and proven to work more effectively and efficiently. The basic principles of leadership that are the foundation for successfully training your dog. Training Your Best Friend does not believe that after a predetermined number of classes your pup will be ready for the next level so progression to the next level of classes is determined by testing out. Fun and rewarding for both you and your dog – for me, this is what it’s all about! You’ll have a happy, relaxed and confident dog who you can take anywhere and will be a pleasure to be around.
When your dog is trained in obedience he will be fine around family, friends and kids under supervision. Dog training for obedience greatly reduces the risk of being locked in a dominance struggle with your dog. We introduce agility obstacles to you and your dog in safe enjoyable, relaxed and fun environment and allow each dog to move at his own pace, gaining confidence as he becomes familiar with each new obstacle. Our Puppy Agility classes are designed for the little guys 8 weeks to 6 months old to build confidence in your pup. Our 6 week interactive class focuses on socialization to people and other puppies in real life situations. Young or senior, pure bred or mixed breed, any dog will enjoy trick training!  Trick training is one of the best ways to build a fun, engaging, loving relationship with your dog. This 4 weeks one and half hours class sessions focuses on advanced training skills with your dog in public.

The class is open to any puppy or adult dog who is 16-weeks (4 months) of age or older, and current on vaccinations. It used to be generally believed that dogs are colorblind, and for a while this was a widely accepted fact. The light-receptor cells in the retina at the back of a dog's eyes are different in structure, to those of a human.
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Dog training, dog obedience training - dog grooming, Learn all about dog training, puppy training and more. Basic dog training commands and tips - dog health guide, Understanding basic dog training is absolutely necessary for having a well adjusted puppy or dog.
You will learn the  skills necessary to improve your dog’s behavior by clear communication, voice tone, body language, facial expressions and good eye contact. Aversive devices and training techniques are a form of bullying and only suppress behavior they do not teach new behavior.
During the training, you will learn how to apply what you have to learned to real life situations and what is essential to keep  your dog responsive. This helps to train reliability and transferability into your dog so they will be successful in various locations. Through the use of a combination of classical and operant conditioning, we help your dog learn desired behaviors by positively reinforcing them, and decrease undesired behaviors by eliminating reinforcement of them. Without any one of them, the philosophy is not complete and is not as powerful and effective in building long-term relationships with your pets based on mutual trust, respect and love. During testing you and your dog will need to demonstrate that you are able to complete a series of required behaviors.
Greater freedom can also be extended to your dog, as he’ll be more trustworthy when obedience trained. He understands what is expected of him and knows that you will always be fair and consistent with this.

It creates a solid foundation for your dog to learn additional skills and training commands. An introduction to basic obedience commands such as watch me, sit, down, come, stay, wait, leave it. We will be covering basic obedience topics, such as Sit, Down, Stand, Stay (Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, & Stand-Stay), Heeling (walking nicely on a loose leash, without pulling), and much more!
This helps us provide lots of individualized attention during these one-hour group classes. The class includes our PetSavera„? handbook, and upon successful completion each participant will receive training materials, a patch and a certificate. We are giving different training's like basic obedience, guard dog, attack training's etc We are giving facilities of dog training's in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Wah Cantt, Hasanabdal.
In essence, you will learn how to become the calm  confident and assertive pack leader that your canine is searching for. Pedigreed parents.I am being posted to a different City so i have to have him the best home i can find !
If you have been seeking an affective dog trainer but have not been able to locate or afford one.Now is the opportunity you have been looking for! Training Classes are informative, engaging and educational as well as entertaining for your whole family.
If you are busy and do not have time to take out your dog for walk, then we shall help you in this matter.

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