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I suggest that you keep your cleaning supplies locked up in a cupboard in the bathroom or close to the bathroom.This will save you time by avoiding trips up and down stairs - or back and forth between rooms. If you have more than one bathroom, it would be a good idea to have a set of cleaning tools in each.
This Ceramic tiled bathroom with shower was installed at house Wilmslow and was overdue a refresh.
The Ceramic tiles and grout were treated using a strong 2:1 dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean which is a strong alkaline Tile and Grout cleaning product.

The grout looked better but I was unable to shift some of the staining so we decided to apply a white Grout Colourant, it’s a time consuming process but I think you will agree it made a big difference. The last step was to remove the silicone sealant from along the top of bath and replace with new. This entry was posted in Ceramic Posts and tagged cleaning services, deep cleaning, flooring, house, kingswood, restoration, sealing, Terracotta tiles, terracotta tiling, tile cleaning, tile maintenance, tiled floor, Wilmslow by AbzDominise. Emergency plumbers will come by and fix up what's ailing your bathroom any time, day or night.

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