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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Special thanks to Chris Budd of Tattoo Culture who continues to let me take over his shop for my parties and gallery shows. A book clip art for kids can be used to design posters that can be hanged in the classroom or to design kids school bags.
In fact, I've taken the statement to heart (and skin) with enough black ink in my dermis to fill the Library of Congress.

There is a chapter that looks at a few artists today reviving their ancestral tattoo arts, but this is a very small part of this monster volume.It is a book that looks at how today's tattooists have taken the tenets of tribal arts -- the soulfulness and harmony with the body -- and applied it in contemporary, imaginative ways.
And with this passion for blackwork tattoos, I began collecting images and some stories of the world's best tattoo artists only working in black ink with the help of my primary tattooist, former hubby, and friend, Daniel DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo, renowned himself for this style. Evan's sleeves by David Sena of North Star TattooFor more info on the book, I did write a fancy press release with big words. What I didn't mention in the release is the year-long process of seeking out pictures and stories of the top blackwork artists.

Many of whom shun online communication and enjoy long stretches of time without any worldly contact so to rejuvenate and become inspired for the masterful tattoos featured. Kinda.Seriously, it was a great honor to curate the very first English language book EVER dedicated to blackwork tattooing in its many forms.

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