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When Andrew from San Diego, California had his carpets cleaned, he couldn't find his cat, Slick. Bio-Catolet is an environmentally friendly cat litter that has been sold in the UK for over 15 years.
Pettex Cat Litter is made from a pure natural mineral called Bentonite which is mined in Cyprus. Pura Cat Litter combines very high absorbency with the hardness of granules that reduces 'dust and tracking'. Having understood the advantages of toilet trained cats, the next question that pops to mind is whether that is just a gimmick or something that can really be achieved. Litter Kwitter and CitiKitty are the most popular cat toilet training systems and kits available on the market today, and they are presented in the following sections. The Litter Kwitter is the award-winning 3 stage training system designed to train cats to use a human toilet in about 8 weeks.
CitiKitty offers a five-step gradual transition system from litter box to toilet using a special training seat and a special insert in the form of rings.
As can be seen from the above descriptions, both products use the same method of gradually progressing your cat to adapt to new litter environments (implemented either by a special seat and color discs as in the case of Litter Kwitter, or by a special seat and rings as in the case of Citi Kitty) until no special seat, discs or rings are needed.However, the Litter Kwitter is more sturdy, it has a design that holds the discs better in place, and it provides better protection from litter falling into the toilet bowl. The cat will rocket out of the toilet, streak through the bathroom, and run outside where he will dry himself off. Kids" is the fun and exciting game you can play with your little ones and the entire family!

This app has tons of new designs and features, behind-the-scenes footage, alternate camera angles, fun facts and more! Well, with the proper method and equipment, and enough patience, yes, cats can be toilet trained. The training protocol and the equipment were developed with animal behaviorists, veterinarians and cat breeders to make sure they work with the cat's natural instincts. It also provides detailed step by step instruction videos which show you exactly how to progress through the three stages of training. It is all based on a principle that finds its source in nature:Cats have a natural need to hide the smell of their waste which is why they try to bury it in litter or elsewhere. The three stages involve progressing your cat to using 3 different training discs inserted into the provided special white seat until no more special seat or training discs are required.
In one-week intervals of training most cats progress from ring 1 to ring 4 and at the end of the training no more seats or rings are needed!This product comes with a specially designed training seat and a training seat insert that gradually transition your cat to the toilet.
The most important of all is that each time your cats step on the litter, their paws may get soiled, and when they are done with their business, they may carry some of the germ filled dirty litter all over your home. This need has its origins in nature when cats were wild and free and needed to hide their waste to become untraceable by potential predators. The training seat insert is made of concentric different size rings which allow you to move backwards and forward in the training process. Note that this becomes critical if someone in your household has a low immune system or is pregnant.With toilet trained cats, you don't have to worry about the hassles of changing and disposing of the contents regularly, and you will no more have a smelly home!

Also, litter is messy, and specially in small homes or apartments, it takes up precious space that can be used for something else.Finally, by not having to spend on litter any more, you save a lot of money in the long term.Even though, most cat owners are used to dealing with the above concerns, wouldn't it be fantastic if you could teach your cat to use the toilet so that all these problems and annoyances are eliminated?All the above arguments probably makes sense to you, but is it really possible to train a cat to use the toilet? You basically place the training seat with the ringed-insert on the rim of your toilet just under the seat. It is recommended that a cat should be at least three months old before toilet training starts to make sure that the animal is strong, agile and nimble enough to go through the training.
This is because the toilet training systems use cat's existing litter tray behavior and modifies it to use the toilet. By the time the cat is trained to progress from the red disc to the green disc, most of the urine and feces fall into the water.
Eventually, the special seat and the discs are completely removed, and the cat uses the toilet like every other member of the family!The Litter Kwitter comes with a special white seat that fits all standard toilets whether round or elongated. The DVD training is very easy for cat owners to understand and apply.Mark Townsend, CEO of RSPCA, the world's most important animal welfare agency, has personally recommended this product to help cats to be toilet trained, and he considers it as one of the best pet innovations in recent years. Note also that Litter Kwitter is used by many professional cat breeders so they can provide their customers with toilet trained cats.

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