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Everything You Need to Start TrainingBest Bottom Training pants can be purchased in a Potty Training Kit which contains one Training Pant and 3 assorted snap-in FeelWET Inserts.
Two layers of Microfiber absorb the bulk of the moisture and prevent leaks, while the surface layer of cotton flannel retains a wet feel.Cute Prints!Each FeelWET insert has a cute or color print, making the Mixing and Matching of training a fun process for toddlers to participate in. One they've picked their favorite insert for the day, they'll want to avoid having accidents, and having the insert removed to be cleaned.One Size Fits AllThe one-size inserts fit into any of the BestBottom Training Pants.

This allows for a substantial amount of absorbency for early learning.Once your little one is getting the hang of it, transition them to your small Best Bottom Diaper Inserts to catch their smaller accidents. Before you know it, they will be feeling like a big kid and ready for the Best Bottom snap-in FeelWET training pants inserts!

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