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Here you can see that these are pretty trim on Buddy with the exception of just a little poofiness in the front. I love this system for many reasons, but one of them is that they are made right here in the USA. I think the inserts are super adorable and love that they have a layer of flannel so they feel wet to the toddler! I love how these can be used for more than one change because my daughter is just starting potty training. I am just beginning to learn about trainers, and I love the snap-in insert idea so you have less laundry!
I dont have anyone in diapers right now, but I sure love how far the cloth diapers have come with super companies like this!!
My first isn't even born yet, so I'm not even close to potty training, but I love how easy this system is and that everything is washable and reusable, no waste!
When my boys were newborns, they would squirt me in the face when I opened their diapers to change them!
Our son absolutely loves to play with his shoes while you change his diaper, so you have to play games with him to get him to put his feet down long enough to snap the diaper back on.
I’ve been wanting to try these – starting to potty train our 2 yr old right now! My funniest moments were always when my kids would roll and then run away in the middle of having a diaper change. Changing diaper, get phone call from boss, forget no diaper on baby , someone at door, oh great MIL and some of her friends. I remember the first few nights after bringing our first brand new son home changing his diaper in the wee hours of the morning……everytime cool air hit his you-know-what a stream of pee would fly into the air all over his pajamas and even his face on more than one occasion!! I took my granddaughters diaper off to change her and the next thing I know she slipped out by her little pool and pooped right on the deck. Bought the wrong size diapers as a first time mom, way too large and use duct tape to help. Right after we brought our first baby boy home, my husband took him to the changing table for the inevitable. I can’t think of any funny diaper changing moments, stinky, gross, nasty, yes, but not funny.
My first child was a girl and 6 years later we had a baby boy and I wasn’t sure how to clean a baby boys parts.
I can’t really think of a funny moment, except my mother-in-law had never used disposable diapers and was shocked by how dry to the touch the diaper was tho it was filled. My daughter’s newborn bf poop shooting across the room on my walls and furniture was probably the grossest poopy moment. My husband and I chose cloth for our family for all of those same reasons, and we never looked back. Our daycare suddenly refused to use the cloth diapers she'd been wearing almost her whole life. So how do you choose cloth diapers that will work with your child's changing needs and body? Many cloth trainers are just puffy pull-on pants with no way to get them on or off except for over the feet.

Antsy Pantsa„? aren't just training pants, they are true cloth diapers, so you don't have to worry about puddles. Buy your diapers from a business that is so confident in its products, we offer a true guarantee.
I spent years managing innovation projects for the biggest global name in the sportswear industry. Place your Antsy Pantsa„? order today and start laying the groundwork for successful potty training. They offer a large selection of cloth diapers, diaper accessories, baby gear and carriers, clothing, toys, products for mom and so much more.
This kit includes 1 Training Pant and 3 snap-in FeelWet Inserts at a very economical cost of just $22.95. It's not bulkiness as a result of too much material though so it doesn't have this appearance under pants. This makes it really convenient for times we are using public restrooms or while traveling.
Best Bottom Diapers is conscious about supporting our local economy by making their products in the US and also by sourcing as many materials here as possible. They were great then and they have really improved,I’m going to recommend them to the same child I used them on for his little guy. My sister lives across the country, so I haven’t had to help much with my niece…just the fun stuff! Even though I ended up laughing, I never figured out why he was so fasinated with his feet while getting diapered. Their convenient easy-stretch side panels make them comfortable for a wide range of toddler shapes, too.
Diaper has LEG GUSSETS to reduce leakage and includes 5 Layer Charcoal Bamboo Insert (2 outer layers of charcoal bamboo with 3 inner layers of microfiber) resulting in the SOFTEST and MOST ABSORBENT Inserts available.
What started small at the beginning has blossomed into a hugely successful business that values community, family, and environmental and social business practices.
The concept of this system allows for 3 changes using the FeelWet inserts that snap into place inside the training pants. There is a flap of PUL in the front and back that you lift up to reveal the other snap for the insert. As you can see there is no PUL protection on a small portion of each side which cuts down on unnecessary bulk and cost too.
Actually, you can't even tell that these are anything different than regular underwear underneath pants!
There's less to carry since it's just an extra insert and not a whole pair of training pants! Along with the high quality, trim fit and protection offered by this system, I'm also a big fan of the short drying time. I hate having to change (and wash) the whole pair of pants on the occasions that they're barely wet. This would really be perfect for our son who is almost potty trained, but still has accidents on occasion. Never fails, no matter how long we have her sit on the potty, she will immediately hop off and pee all over the floor right in front of the toilet.

A unique part about Nicki's Diapers are the exclusive brands created by Nicki herself: Imagine Baby Products brand, Planet Wise Inc. The training pants feature a soft, stretchy cotton on the outside with PUL protection on the inside.
On the right is a view of the inside of the training pants with an insert already placed inside. They seem to have a low rise but since they sit at a natural spot under Buddy's bulging waist they appear to be pretty comfortable and contribute to the trimness.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. They have fabulous customer service and super-quick shipping; I just placed an order on Thursday and it arrived in the mail today! I always worry about accidents and carry extant clothescand training wants firvthe oldest one. One night I was changing him and we always put a diaper wipe over his private area so if he peed it wouldn’t go everywhere. I love that there is a snap on the front and back of these trainers so the inserts stays put. Buddy is 39 pounds, so he's at the end of the size Large we received which goes up to 40 pounds. This saves me from having to devote extra time to watching my laundry and having to line dry after. When I changed him in the morning I realized I had never thrown out the diaper wipe from the last early morning diaper change!
The FeelWet inserts feature an adorable printed flannel on one side and microfiber on the backside with an additional hidden layer of microfiber. I'm really excited about Best Bottom Diapers' Training Pants and love that Nicki from Nicki's Diapers is behind the creation of this fantastic product! Similar trainers and cloth diapers that have just one snap and a short flap or pocket just doesn't cut it and are quite fussy. I'm hoping a larger size is in the works since we're at the end of this size and I don't expect them to fit too long. These are functional, easy to assemble and the Best Bottom diaper inserts can be used in the training pants system too if you're already in love with Best Bottom Diapers!
I think it's also extra incentive for him to remember to make it to the potty in time so he doesn't wet on them! The inner fabric is soft, absorbent and stain resistant to ensure your baby stays COMFORTABLE & DRY.
We are committed to your child comfort and if you are not completely satisfied with your Bamboo Diapers & Inserts - Your Money back.
No Questions Asked Cloth Diapers for babies on Amazon Description:Don't Settle For Cheap Cloth Diapers That Leak & Irritate Baby's Skin!

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