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So here we are, eight months after we started potty training, with a boy who still poops (and pretty much prefers to pee) in his diaper.
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Summary: Start A Effective Potty Training Method For Getting Boys And Girls in 3 days Review By Carol Cline. The New Potty – Little Critter is am engaging story, told from the point of view of Litter Critter, about his little sister and her new potty. After reading the written guide and walking myself through the app I understood the concept quite easily. Some key features include reminder alarms that are set at intervals throughout the day, entertainment to watch while the child is actually on the toilet, and reward games when the child successfully goes to the bathroom in the toilet. By the time we started using this app we had only put minimal effort into getting my daughter (almost 3) to use the toilet.
We’re at the 2 month mark with DD, and she shows no sign of wanting to poop in the potty.

One of the first steps to making toddler potty training a good experience is to insure that your child is ready. Find out how to help your child learn to use a potty, including when to start, and how to deal with any problems. The story is very well done from both the big brother standpoint, as well as that of the little sister.
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So we’ve been working with my son for about a year on this and we are now at a full month with no accidents.
It’s just getting over the hump from NOT pooping at all in the potty to DOING it (at least a few times). The app follows Little Critter and his little sister from the diaper- wearing stage to the beginning of potty training, all the way to potty training success. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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But at least he understood the process: When you gotta go, you run to the potty, pull down your pants, sit down and pee. The narration and graphics are fantastic in this app, and it is appropriate for those going through potty training, as well as those who are siblings of those training. Adding to the frustration was the lack of printed material dealing with this particular potty training pitfall. This app offers a read to me, read to myself, and auto play option, as well as the option to record your own narration , tap on words to hear them spoken, tap on objects to hear their name spoken, find hidden insects on the pages of the app, and so much more! This is a great choice for vocabulary building, word recondition, and expressive speech as well.

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