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There is no denying that the Apple iPad is a beautiful device, the beautiful 9.7-inch high-resolution display makes iPad a decent device for watching video, but we cannot hide from the fact that it lacks storage for housing large video collections. No worries, we’ve got a round top 8 best iPad apps for watching video, to help you consume your favorite televisions shows and movies to the utmost.
Netflix is probably the coolest iPad apps for watching videos and TV shows.The official Netflix app is free, and allows regular Netflix subscribers to manage their DVD and streaming queues.
Hulu Plus offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows, classic series and acclaimed movies. IMDb is also a great apps for watching video on the iPad, it is a huge database of movies, television shows and actors, so when you’re watching a movie with Netflix and want to know more about it, you can pop over to IMDb and find all the information you could ever want to know, like Flixster. Tags: Best, Girl, Horse breeding, Horse competitions, Horse racing, Horse racing, Kids, Realistic, Riding, Train horse. If you like the idea of running your own farm and making some profit, this game is for you. Tags: Best, Cool, Girl, Grooming, Horse competitions, Horse jumping, Kids, Realistic, Riding, Show jumping, Take care of horses. On the upside, you do get to wear a cute riding outfit thata€™s different than your training clothing. It is a good app i mean you get to do real things like what you would have to do in real life!!! Get ready for adventures with Pauline and her friends taking care of their horses, riding them and try to save the academy from a surprising fate!

Application will not impact negatively on the performance of your device and interfere with other applications. Read our article on the iPad supported video format to learn what video formats iPad supports the best. The company plans to bring its Ustream Viewer app to the iPad, offering functionality similar to its existing iPhone application.
Derby Quest starts by letting you choose a mother and a father horse to breed a baby racehorse. You get to breed your horse and choose the feed, but you don’t have much to do while you’re waiting for your horse to rest after its race. You can tend your garden, care for animals, buy new land to expand your farm and even a horse. I mostly fed her the free food, 3 parts barley and oats, which is a lot of fun to pour out into a blue bucket and mix with your finger directly on the screen. Therea€™s a cool feature of taking pictures of your horse from nearly any angle with an easy to use camera function.
Come to makeover and dress up the celebrity, and let her become the most beautiful onei??It's a kids games for girls! More than 100 levels to play and more than 2000 new levels you can download through in-app purchases.
Users will be able to browse live streams and then interact with them via Ustream’s chat and social stream features.

Reminding you when your favorite shows aire.Adding shows to your Netflix disc or instant queue. I wish the horse was more realistic and had a few more functions, like grooming or mucking out the stall. Ita€™s really easy to perform jumps by pressing a button as a colored bar moves at the bottom of the screen. You press the button when a horse icon goes into the green area of a colored bar at the bottom of the screen.
He first gives you Beautya€™s care journal with everything you need to take good care of her.
There is even a paddock cleaning game, and you can change the ridera€™s face to look just like you. But when ita€™s time to compete, you only perform a few jumps, and then you dona€™t see the rest of the competition. I suppose the app doesna€™t have enough memory, like a bigger game such as Star Stable, to show the entire competition. But plz don’t focus on the bad thing that i said about this game because this really is a good game overall!

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