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This lovely colorful plastic toilet is also an iPad stand, and that means you can now finally potty train a child (or yourself, no judgment here!) with the help of a convenient iPad-toilet combo.
So I have a 2-year-old that is currently potty training, and there is no way this would help. I’d buy an ADULT version of this if I could also download an app to flush the toilet for me.
CES 2013 in Las Vegas has revealed more tablet and smartphone accessories than last year, although we haven’t seen anything like the iPotty before. We have seen televisions in the bathroom for when adults use the toilet or have a bath, so why shouldn’t kids have the same luxury when using a potty? You should see some iPad apps that are designed just for the iPotty in the near future, so that children can use apps that help them learn while on the potty. This article has been superseded by a more recent update, published on March 14, 2012, on the eve of the launch of the third generation iPad. I previously said that the Apple iPad is only good for two things (I later added a third), but it's really good at those things.
Keep in mind that this list is skewed toward professionals and technophiles who are using the iPad on a daily basis, but I also realize that these folks tend to use tablets like the iPad for non-work stuff as well, like reading the news in the morning during breakfast or a little entertainment on the plane during a business flight. One of the great ways to take advantage of the iPad as a viewer is to use it for quick glances at business dashboard metrics. Now that we've talked about the value of using the iPad for note taking, there are ways to do it that go beyond just typing things out. Twitter's official iPad app is the best way to access Twitter and is an example of the kind of imaginative new UIs that good developers will attempt once they get grounded in touch-based tablets like the iPad.
By far, the most inspiring app on the iPad is the TED Talks app. TED is a series of events featuring some of society's most fascinating and innovative ideas and most influential thinkers. Pulse is another iPad news aggregator like Flipboard, only instead of building its sections based on social feeds it uses RSS feeds. Yet another great news aggregator for the iPad is SkyGrid, but its specialty is pulling together news on hot trends in real time. ProPublica, a non-profit publication of investigative reporters, is doing some of the most important work in journalism today — the work that has increasingly been cut out of the profit-driven newsrooms.
A real diamond in the rough among iPad apps is The Guardian Eyewitness, which features amazing photojournalism from around the world from the popular UK news publication. If you want to use the iPad for note taking, journaling, or writing, then iA Writer offers a very simple solution for writing and managing your files. I've been a Scrabble fan for a long time but hadn't pulled out a board in a while when the game suddenly saw a revival in recent years in digital form, including several knock-offs such as Words with Friends.
Jason Hiner is Global Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Global Long Form Editor of ZDNet.

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! My toddler has been addicted to the iPad for months and already has her own (the hand-me-down iPad 1) which sits in a Fisher-Price protection cover. Very young children will be able to learn how to use a potty while using the iPad, which those behind this gadget claim will help with potty training. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of the 20 most useful apps for taking advantage of the iPad's strengths. But, you can also view the full text of the list below, including links to download each of the apps from the iOS App Store. It displays news stories based on what's being shared by your friends in Twitter or Facebook and auto-formats them in a newspaper-like column format. Of course, there are also strong alternatives such as Barnes & Noble's Nook app and Apple's iBooks app. For that crowd and everyone else who needs a task list and project planner, the best app I've found is Things. This even translates to the simple task of checking traffic metrics and user info for your website.
The keyboard is about 80% as good as a laptop keyboard but the convenience of a more portable device is valuable. You can use an app like Penultimate to jot down handwritten notes and sketch out pictures and diagrams. You'll definitely disagree with some of them, because there's a large diversity of opinions. Like Flipboard, it presents the info in a visually-compelling format using images from the articles that it is linking to. It's not nearly as visual as Flipboard or Pulse, but SkyGrid helps fill in the gaps by surfacing hot news and articles that might have been missed by your favorite RSS sources and your social network. The photos look fantastic on the iPad screen and provide a great way to scan through some of the most important current events on the planet.
While The Guardian Eyewitness app lets you scan world events, the Big Picture app lets you dive into them as there are full sets of photos from each event. It is a completely bare bones word processor that can save your stuff directly to your Dropbox.
However, The Weather Channel has filled the void with an excellent app that takes advantage of the tablet interface.
The iPotty features a built-in stand to help hold the iPad while your child uses the potty. You can see a video below this article that the BBC shot while at CES, and it shows a demo of taking the iPotty apart and some explanation about how this accessory can help potty train.

You can scan the headlines and first couple paragraphs and then click through to the site to the open the full story right in the built-in web browser in the app. It's a little expensive ($19.99 at the time I'm writing this), but I've tried cheaper solutions and none of them are as easy to figure out and as powerful to use as Things. Evernote is a great note taking companion for the iPad, since it can auto-sync your meeting notes back to your PC and smartphone. There are several apps that can do this (such as Adobe Ideas, Ideate, and Idea Boards) but I think Penultimate is the most effective. The three column layout gives you the latest stories from ProPublica (most of which don't make the mainstream news), the middle column links to good investigative news pieces from the mainstream media (many of the stories are buried), and the third column has ProPublica's "Projects" or groups of stories where you can stay up to date on on-going issues. The two apps compliment each other well and are great for visual storytelling of important news stories. It also syncs back to the Rosetta Stone servers (for Version 4 of the software) so you can pick up right where you left off when you get back to your computer. I've never been a big fan of The Weather Channel's desktop PC widgets, but they've done a great job with the iPad app. NASA has a strong tradition of sharing its space exploration advances and research and they've continued that tradition in multi-touch style with an excellent iPad app that lets you explore photography from satellites, see NASA's launch schedules, research historical information about missions, and watch NASA TV live.
There are literally thousands of toddler-friendly apps – interactive books, counting, drawing etc. It has a few limitations (syncing between multiple devices), but it does a great job of getting the process out of the way and helping you effectively track and organize your to-do items. Just keep in mind that it's an online service and so be careful that you don't use it for any business-sensitive data.
If you get tired of using your finger as the writing device, you can get an iPad stylus like the Bamboo Stylus or the Griffin Stylus.
You have to have a full license of a Rosetta Stone language pack and an online account set up in order to use the iPad app.
This is either the absolute worst iPad accessory ever made, or contrarily, it’s perhaps the best accessory ever made, and I suppose your opinion of that is going to depend entirely on whether or not you 1) have kids that are being trained to use a toilet, and 2) your opinion of potential doo-doo butter being on or around the vicinity of an iPad. For that stuff, you can use locally-controlled files with Apple's built-in Notes app, for example. In addition to using it for notes, I've even used Penultimate to sketch out an idea for a colleague in a meeting.

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