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For 7+ months now we have been potty training the twins inside of the home with quite a lot of success.
If you have multiples, most especially, the disposable plastic covers for restroom seats sounds terrific, but can get quite expensive if you research it.
For only $8.99 a piece, I know my precious little bottoms will be safe from most all germs. When done I will fold, place in a gallon size zip lock bag, and of course, wash my hands thoroughly. The model I choose also has a removable cover for use as a restroom topper, however, it doesn’t fold nor have the handles the twins will need for awhile to come.

My deepest, darkest fear was taking the potty training outside the home and into the reality and the filth of public restrooms. You can use basically any plastic bag which saves money, and I just know that there will be times this will come in very handy.
Many a time I remember having to inconveniently strip covers off of car seats after a drive and wash them time and again. The basic necessities that in my opinion are needed when venturing out into the world of public potty training. If you are in the same shoes or preparing to be, here is what I am now armed with for this not-so-pleasant process.

We know the free paper ones (when and where available) do practically nothing, so something is mandatory.
It’s not going to be fun, but it will be the most sanitary experience, and less complicated experience, as I can possibly make it be. I could have tried going with one, but they are cheap enough not to risk a simultaneous and problematic, bathroom situation.

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