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There comes a point in our little one’s lives when we must introduce them to certain processes that us grown-up folks take for granted. There are methods galore from raising diaper free babies from birth, to slowly following your child’s lead and interest, to waiting until your babe is not such a babe and taking care of the whole diapers to toilet process in one day.
Accommodating your bathroom for it’s newest occupant is a must in successful toileting. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial the Boon Potty Bench is for you.
And when you are (finally) ready to completely ditch those diapers, celebrate by crowning your King (or Queen) of the Throne with a special tee from Cute as a Bug, a cute little tee shop from one of our favorite bloggers.
We’re giving away 3 potty training packs including a Flip N Flush Toilet Seat, Travel John Jr.
BabyBjorn Potty Chair 1 of 22 Share This popular ergonomically designed potty chair from BabyBjorn® features rounded styling and lots of leg room, so your child can get closer to the seat. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We know that different methods work for different families, so we’re not here to push any one your way. There are tons of options out there, (we even spied a potty that lights up, sings and does a little dance) but we think simple is good. A favorite of modern moms this complete potty features side storage perfect for special books, toys or wipes and even features it’s own toilet paper holder. Best of all it’s made of non-toxic, recyclable plastic and can be folded away when not in use.
Public restrooms can be a little frightening to little ones, with the shared space and auto-flush toilets I don’t blame them.
If you’re not quiet ready for undies a few pairs of good training pants are a must, they look like the real thing with a little added protection for accidents. The high back and armrests make it comfortable for your child, while the splashguard prevents messy cleanups—and it's easy to clean.
Isn’t it amazing how that transition to parenthood removes all taboos that come with talking about bodily function?

But speaking from experience with our pooping prodigy, naked booty’s and LOTS of cleaning supplies are a good start. The quiet close feature means it won’t slam shut squishing fingers or scaring children and the quick release hinges allow for easy cleaning tough to reach spots. Our favorite feature is the fold down lid that transforms the Boon into a sturdy stool, making it fun to go from wiping to washing in one simple step.
We were, however, at a loss at what to do with the pee until we got home, I guess you could dump it on the side of the road but that’s just not acceptable in the grocery store parking lot.  Travel John to the rescue! The disposable urinals are a little advanced for our toddler to use as is, but it’s perfect for dumping the potty into on the go.
It's also a little bigger than many toilet trainers we've seen—with a nice, large hole and wide seat with lots of room—which makes it a great option for older or larger children. This PRIMO seat comes with toilet training tips, reward stickers, and discount coupons for training pants. Mimicking through pretend play is super helpful and a doll that actually goes pee is pretty cool to a kid. It's also really handy for getting your child to engage in teaching as together you "show" Potty Patty® what to do. This doll comes with three "big kid" doll training pants (for the lots and lots of accidents Dolly will inevitably have), plus two bottles. One DVD tells a little boy's story of potty-training success; the other tells a girl's story. Toddlers will enjoy watching Joshua and Prudence graduate from diapers to potty, and will want to emulate these cheery cartoon kids and sing "The Potty Song" along with them. The good news is, the song will be stuck in your child's head too, constantly reminding him that "it's a potty party." Gerber All-In-One Waterproof Training Pants 6 of 22 Share The inside layer of these Gerber® waterproof training pants is absorbent 100-percent cotton that will hold about one urine accident and will give your child a chance to make it to the potty without wetting his clothes. It also creates a much needed barrier between your kiddo and those yucky public toilet seats. The best part is that it folds up for easy storage and includes a travel bag, so those yucky toilet seat cooties stay in the bag.
If you're especially germ conscious (like us), you could even give it little swipe with a disinfecting wipe after each use.

These floating little targets will help them keep their eyes on the prize (or at least, in the toilet) as they aim for fun animal shapes. These Potty Toppers® stick in place with adhesive tabs, providing a sanitary barrier between little bottoms and germs. Kids will laugh at the big, bright color illustrations as they turn each page, and as Mom or Dad reads Suzy Sue's funny story.
Parenting authority Elizabeth Pantley helps your child get on the road to bathroom independence without frustration, confusion, or tears. Developmentally appropriate activities are taught through potty books, cheers, art activities, and rewarding sticker charts. These funny songs about potty training ("Potty Animal," "Gonna Go Go," "Don't Pamper Me") will encourage toddlers to stay on the potty (and hopefully use it!) while at the same time giving parents a little chuckle.
This song-filled DVD teaches children that everyone—mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and even monsters—has to learn how to use the potty. The watch's music and blinking lights will get children's attention (It's time to go!) in a way that's low-pressure and entertaining.
It's got storage containers of either side for holding toilet paper and extra bags (they also make good handles). It attaches to your toilet with suction cups and stores discreetly around the base when you don't need it. This super handy piddle pad from Summer Infant® is perfect for protecting the car seat if you don't have time to pull over. The waterproof seat liner holds more than 1 cup of fluid and the unique bucket shape holds all the mess.

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