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Potty Training App Learning with the animals is a fun take to support the concept of potty training. Using this hands-on approach in combination with the fascinating animal attraction is a sure fire way to help toddlers learn to use the potty with less stress.
The memory of toilet training my 5.5 year old son has faded over the past few years, but I do remember trying to figure out how to express the sensation that he should be aware of, which is his body's way of saying that it is time to use the toilet. Beyond the reward of pleasing music, the potty training app also has spectacular designs, 2D illustrations and animation.
It allows children to take an active role in taking the animals to potty, thus getting the kids ready for their own potty time . Gotta-go-to-the-pottyA All around the farm the animals make funny 'gotta-go-to-the-potty' dancing movements.
Poop Song comes with lyrics and animations so parents can sing and engage more with their kids. Those persons who are not currently potty training a kid might not look upon this app with the same interest as the parents of a three-year-old boy who refuses to pee anywhere except in his diaper.
A marvelous new potty training tool has hit the Internet, helping parents to teach young toddlers about going to the potty in a fun and interactive way.
It is perfect for both boys and girls, teaching who should take them to the potty, who flushes the toilet, and even shows those little "butterflies of happiness" on the faces of the furry farmland creatures.
There comes a time in a child's life where they are ready to ditch the diapers and begin to use the potty.
The first question a parent must ask himself or herself is if their child is ready to begin using the potty. If a child displays these sorts of signs it is usually a safe bet that they are ready to begin toilet training. When a parent attempts potty training, it is recommended that they get a book on the subject for the clearest advice.
With the proper education in hand, a parent can then begin teaching their children to use the bathroom. Also a parent will need to watch their child for indicators that they need to use the bathroom. Joy Berrya€™s bestselling potty training books are now interactive eBooks to help your child learn to use the potty and lessen fears around it. The daily potty tracking tool allows you to track and view your childa€™s progress as he or she learns to master the potty. Tilt your iPhone side to side to slide the potty back and forth at the bottom of the screen.
The advice section in this app is based on Joy Berrya€™s bestselling potty training books and kits. When potty training is complete (typically when diapers are no longer needed or the child goes consistently in the potty), simply press: a€?Wea€™re Done, SEND DIPLOMAa€? on the tracking screen.

The Joy Berry brand of books is dedicated to diversity and the delivery of media in many formats and languages.
Joy Berry is the bestselling author of more than 250 books (85 million copies sold) that teach children of all ages about good behavior, life lessons, and responsibility. Joy Berry began her more than 30 year career teaching in the Ontario and Arcadia school districts in Southern California, and continues her work in schools and community centers in the New York area. In the app, All of the animals have butterflies in their tummies when they need to go, and with a little help from the kid they make their way to various types of toilets. We are shure, that all of you , that are, would appreciated a little help to make the whole potty training process a little easier and a little more fun. Dont you find difficult to explain to a kid the sensations to go to the toilet?, well this app is fantastic for this, because it explains that when one feels butterflies in the stomach, it means it is time to go to the potty. The story and characters are adored by the kids, therefore they want to keep playing and playing and playing it. Please play with this app-story at least 10 times before starting before starting the physical training. Find an older cousin, friend, brother, sister and ask him to show how he-she goes to the potty. Of course most parents will wish for this sooner than later because it means the end to diapers. However with the advancement of smart phones, there are many different toilet training apps that are available.
If a child appears restless or is touching their genitals, then they should be taken to the bathroom.
The books are narrated by children and feature fully animated and interactive scenes showcasing the potty and how to handle using it. This will prompt you to enter information so the Potty Training Diploma can be E-mailed to you.
In this app youa€™ll find the interactive eBook is available for both boys and girls, in English and Spanish.
The animals all are pictured in a familiar environment, making it fun for little ones who love animals.
But for all of those who get the joy of toddlers learning now, Potty Training Learning with the animals is a fun take to support the concept. The potty training app story, narrates that BIG kids learn how to go to the toilet, therefore, kids feel the need to be older. However sometimes parents attempt to teach potty training too early while other ones wait a little longer.
A child that doesn't take to toilet training on the first attempt will normally be successful the second time around. The child will need to be introduced to the toilet and be shown how to sit on it and flush it.

From interactive eBooks for boys & girls to tracking tools and rewards to tips and advice, this app has everything you need for successful potty training.
Each book features a main character and a cute kitten or puppy mascot that speaks when touched.
All of the animals have butterflies in their tummies when they need to go, and with a little help from the user they make their way to various types of potties or toilets. Fortunately there is good and well documented advice on how to achieve success with potty training. For example does your child take an interest in wearing regular underwear instead of diapers?
A parent will also need to make sure that their child can get onto the potty or provide a stool so that they can climb up. On the sides of the screen, kids will see icons that allow them to control the narration and the animations.
Is a child able to communicate through words or expressions that he or she needs to use the bathroom? By downloading a good potty training app, a parent will not only be able to get advice but can also get reminders from their phone to take their child to the bathroom. It is best to teach boys to sit down to pee before standing up as they may have trouble aiming.
Another indicator that a child ready for toilet training is if the child takes an interest in using the potty or not.
While somewhat simple, the animations are also done well and the illustrations fit the story well.EducationAs the story is read, the text appears at the top of the screen. This may pose s bit of a challenge for younger readers.Along with the textual elements, the story offers a great lesson for kids. Albert is a kind dog who cares for others, prays for his children, and helps out his friends. His actions make them smile and will encourage kids to make others smile too.EntertainmentThe story is fairly short and seems to end a bit abruptly. Kids will only be disappointed by this because the story is a good one that helps hold their interest. These factors make it worth a download.Child FriendlinessThis app only contains the animated story.

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