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Abhishek wagadre: Can it be completely cured if its mild and can one go back to high impact activities like skateboarding? Also, what are the chances of it coming back?i»?Shaine MacDonald: I had an MRI and it showed chondromalacia patella with mild arthritis.
Take it from someone who was back and forth with the metal and kicks themselves everytime the think about how big and strong they could have been 15 years later! I moved from Brasil in 2001 to Canada, today I live in Quebec City and here they keep saying that I have Artroses.
Just lift your elbows and they wont take any weight.James Bond: what do you mean wrist intercepting weight? I'll keep it up!i»?KL Tah: i have pain in the upper outside corner of my patella, if that makes sense.

The doctors want to try and do microfracture surgery but I'm not with that so instead they've told me to start going to physical therapy as well.
I am so thankful to see this video it has better explained to me how to stretch and how to get better use out of the foam roller I have. And on the MRI only a little bit of my cartilage has been effected by this problem but the amount of pain is still severe enough that I can't run, jump, or anything like that. I'm hoping 6-8 months of intense physical therapy will help improve this tracking issue and the pain. I feel like it could have been from my lack of knowledge in weight room and my stuberness to push trough everything. Infact after a good workout my knees will ache so much for days to until I had to quit gym.

But currently I went to India to have Durolane injection on both knees which has helped me tremendously. I no longer feel excrutiating pain when I wake up in the morning or when standing after a long sit. The creaking has subsided and mostly Im free of pain with just a little feeling of inflammation.

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