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If you are looking for something helpful to your little one with potty training, you will love the Summer Infant Little Looster.
Give children that little boost they need for reaching items around the house, or keep it in the bathroom using the BABYBJORN Safe Step. Now children can go straight from diapers to the toilet with The Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool. This entry was posted in bathroom and tagged Best Toilet Step Stool for Kids, firmly-attached rubber feet, molded plastic construction, pesticide free materials, safety handles, Toilet Step Stool, Toilet Step Stool for Kids on August 15, 2014 by longer. This Dora the Explorer Petite Stool is made from plastic and is a perfect compliment to the Dora the Explorer Soft Potty Seat. This little looster is designed to enhance your child’s comfort, confidence and independence at potty time. Sturdy, lightweight and portable, this step stool is designed to help toddlers take those first steps toward independence.

This safe step allows children to feel independent washing their hands and using the toilet on their own.
This step stool features a large platform, which means children can easily turn around without falling off.
Made of pesticide free, sustainable materials, this wood step stool is great for kids to step up to the potty. Dora the Explorer, is a young 7-year-old girl who embarks on a trip in every episode in order to find something or help somebody. It features unique u-shape design to provide optimal leg position support for little ones, ensuring a more comfortable, quicker potty training transition.
Featuring slip resistant surface on base and step, the step stool provides a stable place for toddlers to reach the sink or toilet. The comforting safety handles help children climb up and down and provide support while they are seated.

This multi-purpose step stool can also be used to help you get into your high bed, provide extra height to get something hard to reach.
She asks the viewers at home to help her find new ways to reach places with the help of Map.
And the strong, firmly-attached rubber feet on the bottom of the stool ensure the stool won’t slide on the floor while someone is standing on it. Made with anti-bacterial, easy-clean, high strength custom plastic, the Potty Stool is safe, lightweight and durable.

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