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Free printable Toy Story Potty Training Charts to help you with the potty training process. Free printable Toy Story Potty Training Charts to make the potty training process fun and successful.
Pin ItThese are some of the top selling and best potty training books for boys and girls that help introduce and reinforce toilet training concepts. Potty has very simple drawings and short sentences that show a toddler learning how to use the potty by first learning from pets in the house. Through rhymes and charming pictures in The Potty Book for Girls, a little girl named Hannah learns what the potty is and all about poop and pee. A book just for boys, My Big Boy Potty gets rave reviews from parents for a character and story that many boys identify with. If you are toilet training before 18 months of age, then save your money and skip the potty training book for boys and girls.
Keeping on the theme of potty training, I have put together a list of some of the best potty training apps that I have found so far. This entry was posted in Parenting and tagged Best Apps, parenting, Potty Training on March 12, 2013 by Heather. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. These potty charts are in Letter format (used in the USA) we also have a versionĀ in A4 paper format (for all other countries) below. These potty charts print best on A4 paper format but you can also find similar charts for 8X10 paper format above.
Toilet training a two or three-year-old means you will have to help your child retrain her muscle control from diaper use to toilet use, as well as help change her years-long habit of using a diaper.

Although girls who love the Caillou character will still enjoy this books as an introduction to toilet training.
Because it is a short and sweet book, this is a best choice for kids who don’t sit for books with too many words.
It covers accidents as part of the learning process, something that often both kids and parents need to understand. Toddlers younger than 18 months don’t usually have any problems following their parents lead, sitting on a toilet, and giving up diapers. Most of them are FREE potty training apps available in the iTunes store – just the perfect types of apps (what? For kids that don’t transition from one activity to another or adapt to change easily, a book can be very helpful.
The toddler in the book goes through a typical day of eating, sleeping, playing, and going potty, making it seem like potty time is a normal part of the day. It also has a deep basin, which makes carrying the contents down the hall to the bathroom much less risky, especially since my daughter often insists on 'helping' with this process.
Also, most potty training books for kids are geared towards the older potty training crowd, making them irrelevant to the early potty training process. This app will let your toddler play games, watch videos, read stories and track their successes. The child helps each animal on the farm find their potty when they have butterflies in their tummy and use it successfully! For this age group, splurge on such reading only if you feel it will make the transition from diapers to toilet easier. I love that the potty has a removable seat that can go on the big potty, which my 5-year-old enjoyed using.

My daughter thrives on praise, and she couldn't wait to hear what the surprise message was when she got to 'flush' the potty.
My 2-year-old son loved that the chair would sing him a song when he went potty - a great motivator.
The pot is very easy for a little one to remove and carry, allowing for personal responsibility. The seat is seamless to the toilet and stays put, so any over-spray makes it into the toilet no matter what, keeping my toilet a lot drier and cleaner! Parents will love the versatility of an all-in-one and its ability to blend into the bathroomPotty Problem: Minus the stickers, you might want to look elsewhere if your child needs more rah-rah.
The ability to use it as a stand-alone potty, a seat reducer, a stool or a travel potty offers lots of versatility for a pretty good price.
It was so much easier to allow him to climb up and down rather than pick him up and down the potty all day! This is the first stool I've found that's tall enough for my son to climb on and that supports his feet while he uses the grown-up potty. My husband liked that he did not have to move the stool out of the way to use the toilet when standing (though I needed to move it when I used the toilet).

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