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Comments (0) ‹ prevnext ›1 of 16 Target Summer 3 Stage Potty TrainerThis potty for boys or girls features a convenient toilet paper dispenser and space to tuck moist wipes.
Potty Training Concepts Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for BoysShow your little boy how to stand and aim with this pint-size urinal that's perfect for potty training. After writing about potty training my daughter I thought it would be a good idea to give an overview of the potty training seats we used, what worked well for us and what we wished was included. The bells and whistles of our potty seat were neat at first, but we turned them off pretty quickly.
This is the section I’ll keep updated as new information becomes available or if anyone reading has any questions that aren’t answered here – I’ll add them!
A potty training seat is either a small plastic toilet shaped item that has a basin in it (called a pot).
The other type of potty training seat is a hard plastic, or soft foam seat that fits onto your regular sized toilet. Splash guards are excellent at ensuring little boys are able to get their urine in the potty and not on the floor. I’ll go through five full sized potty training seats and two seats that fit on your regular sized toilets.
The Elmo potty training seat is similar to the fisher price one in that it has a lot of bells and whistles – with the added advantage of being branded with one of the most popular children’s characters of all time.
This is another stripped down potty training seat, but this one is very enticing for little ones.
This is another stripped down potty training seat, but for less than half the price of most of the potty seats on here it’s an excellent buy. Potty training is one of the challenging tasks parents need to do with their toddlers, that’s why using cool and kid-friendly potty chair is in demand. Potty training is very important to learn by toddlers before they go to nursery, and it shouldn’t be difficult. And I just thought, why not check the best selling and most recommended potty seats that a lot of parents are buying for their young kids.
If you have followed tons of potty training tips already, and still unsuccessful to train your little one, you’d probably want to entice your child to give it another try for this cute little potty chair from Fisher Price. Most parents who bought this for their toddlers made a lot of improvement, and some toddler are now confident to do it themselves. Toddler girls can start their potty training from 18-24 months of age, however even a girl might not be impressed with the idea of potty training if not done properly by parents. Girls love to be pampered, if they like watching Dora the Explorer, then might as well give her this Dora potty seat. Try this Dora potty chair, and I’m confident your daughter will be excited to sit on her new potty, ‘cos most girls who got this were so happy and did a great progress in their potty training, why not see if it works with your daughter?! Toddler boys usually starts their potty training not less than 2 years old ‘cos they are delay in fine motor and in communication skills. In terms of comfort, it has a nice soft-padded detachable seat which can be fitted in a regular family toilet seat, it’s pretty easy to clean just lift out the pot and wash it. There you have it, I gave you all the best ones I found, and I hope it will help you train your child.

I love writing reviews about the different baby and toddler products displayed on this site. When I first saw this at my friend Amy's house, I was so enthralled I ordered mine from amazon the next day! The support stand makes it easy to position next to the adult toilet, or remove the attachment and hook the urinal to the back of a bathroom door. They did do a good job of engaging my daughter with the potty before she was actually using it, but after she understood what the potty was for, she wasn’t as excited about the potty “singing” while she tinkled.
This is used when the child is comfortable with the potty and is ready to try sitting on a “big girl” toilet.
It helps your child safely (read: germ free) explore what a toilet looks like and how to use it all in a play environment.
It’s sometimes difficult to get them to aim, so the splash guard is an important aspect of the potty training seat. It has a sensor that sings a song when your child urinates into it, it has “flush action” and a removable pot with a handle. This seat has a “flush action” handle and when you “flush” you hear encouraging phrases from Elmo himself.
Cute and accessible Fisher Price has done a good job at making a very functional product that will also engage your child.
The shield works well for boys who are not sure how to aim while sitting, and the underside extends to ensure the urine goes into the potty and not under your seat.
A lot of parents have tried quite a lot of potty chairs with different designs, color, but not all of them are good enough for picky and apprehensive kids.
And I’m so glad to find them all, so let me share all of the potty chairs that I found, and highlight the best potty seat that could work well with your child. Most parents have great experience potty training their toddlers with these cheap potty chairs and it might work he same with you and your child as well. I know that kids are sometimes hard to please, and sometimes you just have to try encouraging them in a better way, make them feel special. In potty training tips for toddlers, creativity is one of the keys for a successful and easy potty training. Make her feel that she’s special, you can also get her the Dora potty training book so your daughter can read it while peeing or pooping. And most toddler boys are playful and naughty so you’ve got to be ready that your son might run away from you.
If you prefer the Sesame Street potty seat or Elmo potty chair just go and get it for your child. It has “flush action!” and sings a song when kids pee into it; or if you’ve got a curious toddler, when you pour a cup of water into it.
It is portable enough to bring with you while traveling which helps with consistency – key when potty training.
The handles are perfect for helping your little one steady themselves and even start getting on and off the potty independently. For few months old babies up to 18 months, I’d say that Baby Bjorn potty chair is the ideal or the best baby potty chair for those little angels.

So, getting one of these for your child will be worth a try and it should be worth the money. And you can monitor her progress as well, use the Dora potty training chart, you can get it for her and stick the stickers on the chart every time she do a great job.
The pot is easy to remove and only fits in one way, which is helpful at avoiding spills or accidents after your little one puts the pot back after cleaning.
The plastic construction means easy cleaning and the seat part is able to be removed and used on a regular sized toilet. The seat has handles and the front comes up high enough that it is very easy to help your son keep his pee in the potty. Once he’s done watching it, ask him a question if he would love to be a race car driver of Lightning McQueen?
I was glad that my daughter was excited for the extra bells and whistles on the potty training seat and they did a good job of making the potty much less scary and much more accessible to my toddler.
Some people enjoy how well this potty training seat fits in with the decor of their bathroom. If he does, then show him this Cars potty chair and tel him that he’ll be getting a Car potty chair. This seat comes in many different colors, has a large removable pot and has plastic construction, so it’s easy to clean.
The potty seat is made to be quickly and easily installed and removed from the toilet seat. This built-in potty seat is definitely the easiest for cleaning purposes since there are no tiny crevices or porous surfaces. This portable potty makes music and triggers flashing lights every time the child goes potty and presses the flushing handle. This princess option will show your little girl that everyone—even princesses—use the potty.
Simply tell your child to aim at the colorful dinosaurs, and you're well on your way to toilet training success!
When it's time to try going to the potty (30, 60 or 90 minute settings), the watch will beep and lights will flash to remind the child it's time to trying going to the bathroom. Add these training pants to the mix for when they're starting to get the hang of using the potty. Try hanging a chart on the wall that contains colorful stickers and a game-like approach that allows the child to win a prize at the end, like ice cream or a new toy! The curved seat is made out of PVC-, BPA- and phthalates-free plastic and has a built-in handle for easy hanging when it's not in use.
The top and base are covered with an anti-slip material so your tot has a secure place to step up and reach the toilet or sink.
Contain messes with this waterproof seat liner designed to fit comfortably in car seats and strollers.

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