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Perhaps written by an older child for younger kids, ┬áthis style of poem is sure to bring smiles and a few guffaws, to all who hear it. Dearest Daddy dear drags dreary dragons, dares demons, dives deep into diaper duty, and demonstrates devotion to darling dimpled daughters. Hardworking son spent days and nights working at the field, looking after daddy’s farms with great love and care. Research by Daniel Oppenheimer and two colleagues found that fonts (such as my handwriting) that are hard to read lead to greater recall than fonts that are easy to read. They gave a group of students two documents--one in easy to read, 16-point, black Arial; the other in hard to read, gray, 12-point Comic Sans.
From now on, I suggest having the team member with the worst handwriting write all user stories and be the one with the marker during all team meetings.
I also apologize that you'll immediately forget 27% of this blog post because of the nice readable font. As the founder of Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn specializes in helping companies adopt and improve their use of agile processes and techniques to build extremely high-performance teams. One other thought though: are people less likely to "bother" reading tickets that they can tread easily?

Hi Paul--I should be clear that the study was done with printed fonts--Arial and Comic Sans.
After distracting the students for 15 minutes, they tested their recall of facts in the two documents. He is the author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development, Agile Estimating and Planning, and Succeeding with Agile. Obviously the study required them to read wat they were given so there was no option to just ignore the text. Poor(er) handwriting would require comparatively slow and deliberate action on the part of the reader to decipher, likely involving re-reading a given sentence again to ensure it makes sense.
I think the idea here is that using a font that slows us as readers down just a tiny bit makes us actually process what we read. They recalled 87% of the facts in the hard-to-read font but only 73% of the facts from the easy-to-read font. I think the whole idea was that a slightly hard to read font slows us down so we pay more attention and that increases retention. I wonder if the students had read the easier document twice, and the not as easy one only once, would the retention be comparable?

Don't you ever find yourself reading a book or article and realizing you really haven't fully processed the words, so you back up? My parents or friends drove places and I didn't remember very well whether a particular restaurant or hang-out was on this street or that street. We're bombarded with so much every day that we seem to cope by subconsciously skimming or taking things in more than a word at a time (which are the principles of speed reading, anyway) and so a harder-to-read font slows us down. When you're just along for the ride--whether in a meeting with someone else doing the writing or literally in a car--you don't remember details as well. I'm having a bit of fun by extrapolating this to someone writing user stories on index cards. I spend way too much time always checking out new handwritten fonts to make sure I'm always using the best one in my presentations for the right look. But as much as I love clean, neat, but distinctive printing, this research has a strong ring of truth to me--it just seems right.

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