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Features:SOFT and COMFORTABLE: This quilted cotton protector is so comfy and cozy your baby will be happy snuggling up on it, even if you forget the sheet!
When he turned 6 months, he went on a really bad stretch and got many different viruses for an entire month. Fortunately, when you use Magnifeko's innovative nasal aspirator you can clear your baby's blocked nose fast and effortlessly!
Its superior, ergonomic design allows for easy usage and one-hand operation that makes everything incredibly simple.
A super handy and useful device for every parent that works wonders in clearing up your kid's nose just by pushing a button! When you purchase a Little Loved Ones product, know that you're bringing their smiles into your home. Therefore, it's made to exceed your highest expectations and satisfy all your needs perfectly!EFFORTLESS CLEAN-UP: The big mucus cup holds lots of fluid and is incredibly easy to clean and operate!UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: An amazing nasal aspirator that effectively cleans any nasal passage from boogies and mucus - FDA approved, works with two AA batteries and allows for handling it with maximum comfort!

Have to change baby cloths and bibs many times a day?-Cloth bibs are not water proof, leaving wet clothing that are smelly and hard to clean. Just like a 5 star hotel mattress topper for your crib!EASY FIT AND CHANGE: This protector fits easily and quickly on any standard crib size mattresses (52" x 28" x 6"). Each time there was a crisis, Little Loved Ones crib mattress protector was there to protect him and keep him dry. The worst is when your baby has sensitive skin and starts developing rashes due to the wet clothing. They are GREAT DROOL BIBS, it is BEST for protecting baby or toddler drools, especially babies with sensitive skin.ULTRA SAFE DROOLER BIBS FOR BABIES & TODDLERS - The Waterproof layer is made with Breathable TPU material which is no-toxic and environmental friendly. It's exactly what you want for those middle of the night linen changes!PREMIUM QUALITY: You'll appreciate the super high quality of this protector.
Feel comfortable knowing that it will hold up to easy, repeated washings without shrinkage.

As a mother, it was a huge relief for me to know that I was investing in a product designed to give all moms a worry-free experience.
Using snap buttons are more comfortable compare to Velco closure, and not easily pull out by your babies - it is truly hassle-free. This makes your bib more reusable, and value for the money!Buy TWO and GET SECOND ONE AT $4.00 OFF. BEST GIFT FOR BABIES & TODDLERS - Come with HIGH QUALITY and COLORFUL GIFT BOX; READY- MADE Great GIFT SET ( No hassle to buy separate gift box that are expensive).

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