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Last year shortly after Thomas’s 2nd birthday I posted the toys he loved to pieces for the previous 6 months.
Mudpuppy Puzzle Wheel - Jess brought this to Thomas when Nell was born, and I immediately fell in love with Mudpuppy puzzles.
Oh man, our list would be so different (although I’ve wanted the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel for a year). If you need ideas for Nell when she gets a bit older, I would highly recommend the Melissa & Doug magnetic dress up dolls. I love this list…and the fact that Thomas is older than Carter and you always guide me in what to buy. T learned how to do jigsaw puzzles with this, and I still pull it out for him when I need just 5 minutes to myself. As soon as I knew about the Mudpuppy puzzles, I ordered the Unites States Floor Puzzle for T.

We got this for T when he was 27 months old, and it took him about 6 months to feel super comfortable on it, but by Spring he was a Strider Bike champ.
I could have done this whole post with a different piece of sporting equipment, but that would be redundant. With a lot of other really fun stuff mixed in, but these were the toys we pulled out on a daily basis.
At first the whole game was too much for him, so we just played the letters of his name, then added his middle name. Never too early to start Christmas shopping (especially when the 2 year old has a NYE bday and I have to think of birthday gifts on top of Christmas) when good deals are out there! The pieces are big enough for his hands, and just complicated enough for him to spend time on it, but not so complicated that he loses patience or interest.
When we need a quick 5 minute version, we just play Thomas, but at 3 he can now play the whole alphabet.

And I feel like he’s pretty cool cruising around the new neighborhood on a strider bike. We have spent hours cruising around on this thing, Thomas cruises around on it and pretends it’s his real car. He plays in the house and backyard with these, and B takes him to the putting green with them, too. He’s getting real clubs for his birthday from us, but these will continue to be his indoor clubs.

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