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If you’re a little baffled or confused about the best way to potty train then let the queen of routine, Gina Ford, show you in some very easy and effective steps just how quick and simple it can be. You cannot train a child to use his potty until his nervous system is developed enough to control the bowel and bladder sphincter muscles.
In the past babies were regularly sat on potties, until they had passed water, which avoided at least one wet nappy while giving the impression that they were being “trained”. In addition, it won’t be possible to potty train your child until he is aware of the sensation of wanting to go, is physically able to control the urge until he reaches the potty, and can sit down safely on it. Look out for signs of training readiness, which suggest that it might be worth introducing the idea.
Above all, don’t get emotionally fraught about the process, which can become all too common if you start trying to potty-train your child before he is ready. You may find that even when your child is happy to use the potty for passing water, having a bowel movement is a different proposition, and he may want to continue doing this in a nappy. It's easier if he just wears a T-shirt and underwear all day, that way it's easier for him to pull them down. I continued to use diapers at naps, on outings and during the night until I noticed that the diapers were dry a couple days in a row. Some parents give there kids lots of juice and salty snacks so that they pee more, but that's not necessary.
Unfortunately, there aren’t any hard and fast methods that will work with every little girl, but here are some tips that might help make sure the job gets done, and gets done in a week or less.
Once you’ve decided that your little girl is ready, start having potty training sessions.
Hopefully within a week, your daughter will be fully potty trained and only occasionally have accidents. With handy tips and anecdotes from parents who have been there, including advice on accidents, rewards and bed-wetting, Potty Training in One Week will help you do just that – without tearing your hair out in the process. Predicting a time when you know your child is likely to have a bowel movement, for example after eating, and sitting him on his potty then until he does so may teach him that this is what his potty is for, but it won’t teach him to control his bowel movements.

All these skills have to be mastered before you can expect your child to manage without nappies. These include being aware of having a wet nappy or of doing a bowel movement, or sometimes having a dry nappy for a long period, which indicates that your child’s bladder is able to store urine in larger quantities. If your child is having repeated accidents then stop, and go back to nappies for a few weeks. From his point of view, it is quite a different sensation doing this on the potty or toilet to doing it in a nappy, and some children find it a bit strange. I wait until they are old enough to pull up and down their own pants and able to get on the toilet with a stool. Remember, not every child is ready to go at the same time, and if you start potty training too early, it may take longer to train your child. You’ll want to set aside a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon, when you let your little girl eat, drink and play just like she normally does. Every time she asks to use the potty, be sure to offer your love and praise, and possibly a reward. And this will help him to understand what it is you are referring to when you ask him if he wants to do a wee. Often, they will wait until they have had their night-time nappy put on before evacuating their bowels.
Being able to do away with the expense and hassle of diapers is something every parent longs for, but what’s the best way to potty train your little girl? As yourself some questions, and you’ll be able to tell if your precious daughter is ready for the big girl potty. Does she tell you when she needs to go, either with words or with facial or hand expressions? For boys, imitation is important, so let him watch his father or older brother use the toilet. Your child really cannot help himself and, because children focus so exclusively on one thing at a time, even when he is trained there are still bound to be accidents sometimes.

Look at these BIG BOY underwear, chicks are going to dig you in these!" Make certain that you have enough 'cause they're gonna get soiled.
Otherwise you'll have to teach it later and have embarrassing moments when guests are over. If you can answer yes to any of these, she very well might be ready for step 1 of the potty training adventure.
After this is happening pretty regularly, it’s time to ditch the diaper and switch to underwear.
Just be sure to stay calm every time an accident happens, and encourage her that she can do better next time.
Another way to know that they are ready is if you notice that their diaper is staying dry for longer periods of time.
Realize that it's going to be a few days of consistent "training." When you start, tell your child what is happening. It gets awkward when your seven year old boy never shuts the door when he pees (true story)! The goal for me was that they must be wearing underwear to their 3rd birthday party or they would get NO presents (just kidding). You know the ones that show the boy do his business and it makes a flushing sound at the end? I noticed that if I didn't set a timer I'd forget and there would be more accidents and it would slow the process down. He won't need to go every time but if he's on the toilet basically all day, he's bound to make a deposit at some point.

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