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A young child usually takes great delight in the sort of habits that adults regard as bad manners: first, because they usually ease feelings of discomfort, and second, because of the response that greets them. Belching and farting are guaranteed to raise a laugh, spit­ting out half-chewed food causes onlookers to squirm, and nose-picking (and flicking) makes others feel sick.
Later on, the child will discover that many of these rules are only a matter of social convention, and that they are not uni­versal.
He’ll be following one set of social rules while everybody else is following another. What was considered acceptable from a baby is no longer endearing when the child reaches toddler or preschool stage. You can hardly expect your child to stop picking wax out of his ear, if he sees you mindlessly drilling deep into the side of your own head.

Once your child thinks you regard his behavior as funny, you will have a hard time convincing him otherwise. Chances are, some of your child’s bad manners will make you feel genuinely disgusted. Tell your child why you think good manners are important, and be very explicit about the benefits of being well mannered. Other examples of bad manners, such as interrupting a conversation or barging to the front of the line also ensure that the child gets what he wants. We’ve all seen a group of young children burst into squeals of delight when one of them breaks wind. Adults expect an older child to have greater understanding of the world around him and to be more aware of social conven­tions.

By all means use a firm voice and a scowl to indicate your dis­pleasure; but try not to be extreme.
Eventually, the joke wears off, and others won’t want to sit beside him because they think he is dis­gusting. Children do find these habits intrinsically enjoyable, just as adults do, because in most cases they do relieve a feeling of physical discomfort.

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