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April 14, 2014 by Cristy Leave a Comment “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. My son turns 3 in May and we really want to have him potty trained by September, so we can send him to a new school that we have him registered for.
For parents just starting the potty training journey, I suggest keep a strict schedule with your little one. My son really likes spinning the Rewards Wheel in the Big Kid Academy to see what fun activity he will get as a reward for going to the potty.
We’ve been keeping track of our progress on the Potty Progress Chart that I hung up in the bathroom. When my son first started potty training, we used a potty, but he didn’t seem to like it, so I purchased The First Years Mickey Mouse potty seat. Pull-Ups recently announced an exiting new partnership with The First Years, a maker of potty training systems and seats.
After spending a lot of time in the bathroom, trying every single reward I could think of and cleaning up a lot of accidents, I realized that it just wasn’t time yet. She wanted to be potty trained, but her little body and her (very) little attention span weren’t on the same schedule as her wants, apparently. I talked to her Pediatrician about it and was told that we simply need to continue to remind her throughout the day. There’s another fun surprise on the Pull-Ups website too – a call from Cinderella or Mater!
If your child would love a phone call from Cinderella or Mater, just head over to the Pull-Ups Potty Break Page and set one up! If you have a child of potty training age, here are six books that he or she is sure to love. I never imagined that I would have a child who would be so resistant to "going on the potty", but that's my girl. But in the meantime, I realized when I borrowed some "potty books" from the library, that she would become enthralled by them.

You can also get the dolls with their own potties, which Hazel received for Christmas last year.
Another book that Hazel received for Christmas last year was Going to the Potty by Fred Rogers. One day while grocery shopping, I stumbled upon a potty training book that I knew Hazel would enjoy.
And finally, the one that has been sitting on our own little potty for the past several months and is currently getting the most action while someone "attempts" to go is Potty Time! They require the child be potty trained, so we have the added pressure of making sure he is confident to go on the potty consistently. He was super excited about it and I knew then I should have bought the potty seat instead of a potty in the first place. The First Years offers a range of different potty training systems and seats, even some decorated with Disney characters to help make potty training as fun as possible! She had asked a few times about the potty and I kept hearing about my friends who were already potty training their kids, so I thought we needed to start too. Many toddlers think of poop and pee as parts of their bodies and the thought of flushing part of themselves away can be very scary. What seems like potty training regression is often just a young child who needs a little help remembering to take potty breaks throughout the day. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.
After studying psychology and learning a bit about child development, I know that doesn't work. The main character, Joshua, learns how to use the potty (which actually looks like a chamber pot in the book) at his own pace. I remembered my younger siblings reading this one when they were potty training, and Hazel has actually seen Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, so she knows all about him (thank you PBS for this beloved show!). Potty Time from Sesame Beginnings shares the different stages each of the Sesame Street characters (as toddlers) is at.

We say the characters are Hazel and Owen since they look so much like my kids as cartoon characters (at least we like to think so). So, if you purchase a specialty potty system from The First Years, you will also receive a free sample pack of Pull-Ups Training Pants. Let your children know you understand their fears and then reassure them and encourage them. When she gets caught up in a game, a book or playing with her siblings, she completely forgets to go to the bathroom.
Eventually she will learn to pay attention to the signals her body is giving her, but in the meantime we can help. Or if you remember some from when your kid's were there, we are always adding to our "potty training" library.
When I purchased the girl version, I found that Hazel still prefers the "Joshua Potty Book" so we traded it back in for that one. Like you, we let him go at his own pace and a few months after he turned 3, everything just kind of clicked for him and that was that.
When we get home, we try to be consistent and offer rewards, so it’s still a work in progress.
Later, she told me that Cinderella said there was a lot to do before the ball and that she was getting ready. The downside to these kind are that some kids (ahem, like my youngest, Owen) might take a liking to ripping the flaps out.
He never really got into potty books, but we did use a fun Pull-Ups app on my iPhone and we used sticker charts where he could pick small toys or special treats when he filled it up. We definitely try to encourage him and stay positive about potty training even on the days when he wants nothing to do with it.

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