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My nonverbal son Matthew was first introduced to PECS - picture exchange communication system through a Speech Therapist at a Hospital setting. My son Nicholas was in a special education preschool class where the teacher had extensive knowledge in PECS.
I observed her using a small manila envelope with two strips of velcro down the middle that contained cards for one of the students to utilize. She met the bus at the corner near the side entrance gate, and as the student came down the steps she had the envelope there for him to remove one of the cards showing that he had arrived off the bus and then was heading for breakfast before starting the school day.
Instead of using a done card with a slot to input finished cards, the envelope section housed the cards that had served their purpose. Here is a similar schedule for a day where you can tape picture cards on the boxes and laminate it if the schedule is consistent on a daily basis.
You can also make a sheet that becomes a schedule for a certain task the child needs to follow or master.
For children that comprehend goals and rewards you can make a board that has their photo, chores for the day and the reward they receive when they complete their chores, using a picture card of the activity or item they get at the end.

Matthew has a board called Task List that has four velcroed spots for activities I place there that we pick from the activities posted on a board on the wall. The summer camp both Nicholas and Matthew attend have schedules for each camper on one wall, as well as a main schedule for them to discuss at circle time. I have a variety of sentence strips to use with the notebook of PECS cards and can use them as stand alone when it is time for toilet training. There is also a program called Overboard for making picture schedules and communication boards.
Velcro can be purchased at Michael's arts and craft stores, and also through Augmentative Resources where you can also find Portable Schedules. Some resources I printed out years ago are Tips for Placing Picture Symbols in the Environment by the National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP) in collaboration with the Center for Literacy and Disabilities (CLD) at Duke University and the CLIPCASE Communication Board Idea by the Wisonsin Assistive Technology Initiative.
Scheduling and Sequencing- this mom has pictures of the schedule and how her son uses Write Out Loud with Writing With Symbols 2000 from Mayer Johnson.
Educational Autism Tips for Families 71 page resourceful ebook for families entering the school system with a recent autism diagnosis.

This functional life skill activity contains a 10 page booklet and an acccompanying activity to reinforce personal hygiene. This activity includes a story ,cards, and sorting page to support students in understanding the difference between public and private behaviours. This functional life skill activity contains a ten page booklet and an acccompanying activity to reinforce personal hygiene. This is a visual of the front and back of the body with a 10 point pain scale providing non-verbal support to communicate with caregivers and health professionals.

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