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It all started when I was at a friend’s place and spotted a homemade felt book lying on the floor. I asked her where she got it, and was a little brokenhearted when she said she and some other friends mass-produced pages and swapped them to make the book. I decided to suck it up and put on my organizer hat (which I am decent at, but usually do not enjoy*), and sent out an email to a few mommas who I thought might be interested. Check out the detail on those sliding fish, and the detail on that stitching around each fish and through the coral and plants! I think these were meant to be mittens for outdoor snow play (comes with a white snowball hidden inside the mitten).
I really wanted a zipper in the quiet book somewhere, so I’m really glad someone made a zipper page!
This cute page allows kids to take clothes down from the line and put it into the white basket.
Your child counts the number of sprinkles on the (removable Velcro) frosting and matches it up with the number written on the cupcake liner!
I am going to send this post to all the ladies involved in the project, so please show some love below in the comments!
This book was a collaboration, and 13 other friends and I each mass-produced a page, so that explains the varying craftsmanship throughout. I did have a concern for buttons for small children, which is why that friend was careful to sew them down (instead of glue). Midlife offers the unique vantage point of being able to see your past with hindsight and your future with insight. During this time I was discussing with a mother, in my classroom, whether she should send her almost two-year-old to “school” or not. In that moment I realized how far we have gotten off the parenting track in today’s competitive society.

Error 404 Not Found : Sorry, the page you requested was not found or is no longer available. Either the page you requested never existed, was deleted by the user, or it was removed for violating our terms of service. It is a cloth book filled with fun activities that your child can play with… quietly!
I flipped it open to have a look-see, and inside was a felt xylophone, with removable pieces velcroed down in the colors of the rainbow. Some forwarded the message to some of their momma friends, and within a day, I had 14 commits. I reached out to Christy D., the original coordinator, got as much info as I could on how she organized it, and then got the ball rolling with my own group. Being a baker, I decided to pair it with the Apple Pie page so it looks more like a baking mitt ?? Babies can slip their hands in and out of these cute mittens! Not to worry: thanks to the book ring binding, I can easily move this page over to the toddler book anytime (along with the Hungry Alligator, which it is back-to-back attached to).
I love the details from the stitching along the water’s edge to the little starfish to the double-backed pages. I liked how kids would be able to get some ROYGBV practice in while also developing fine motor skills as they fastened the snaps.
I know we have a girl, but I couldn’t help but choose the football, because my own childhood was filled with a lot of football (and zero ballet). Not only are the buttons hand-sewn down, but the buttonhole is edged all professional-like and everything! It also offered me the luxury of time to investigate numerous  “New Age” topics that intrigued me about the many mysteries of the universe. Many parents had bought into the belief that their child’s ultimate success in life was their sole responsibility and any deficiency on their part would have disastrous consequences for their child.

Potato Head combinations to counting cupcake sprinkles to buttoning buttons to building sandcastles, quiet books help children hone their fine motor skills, review educational concepts, and encourages creative thinking all while keeping your child busy and quiet. But I figured Etsy would be all over this, so I went home to see how much these bad boys were going for. And then I got some serious sticker shock: $200 for a 12-page book?! I will share how I made my felt chain links in a future post, since that was the one I did :].
Everyone helped one another out, pooled resources, and wrote encouraging responses in email.
Much of what I discovered, I wished I had known about to draw upon as a young mother just embarking on my parenting journey.
I could offer parents all I have learned in the hopes they would have greater resources to draw upon as they navigated their parenting journey.
I turned to another page and saw a colorful felt page with surprise animals hiding underneath rectangular flaps. I didn’t even know all of them (some were friends of friends) when we started, but I sure hope our paths cross again!
Each of the pieces had Velcro glued onto it, which was just enough to make it stick to the felt. The person who made it also told us we could switch the buckle to the other side, to develop both the right and left hands! My hope in writing this book is to offer parents new information and intriguing resources to draw upon that will inspire them to look within and parent from a place of self-awareness and unconditional love while honoring their child’s unique place in this amazing world. Craftwise, this page requires a lot of cutting, but works well for the person who doesn’t sew!

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