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Over the next 10 days we plan to give you information, tips and advice on things that will make your day time potty training journey a little easier.
If along the way you have any suggestions or thoughts on what we are doing right (or wrong) let us know. I have been wanting to make some cornice boards for me AG ever since I finished her room last April !
My hometown (Magnolia) has a civic theater and they are performing the play Steel Magnolias in a few weeks.
We want this to be an interactive group so post any questions and let us know how you are getting on etc.

This is a very big deal because she nurses in the middle of the night, yet continued to stay dry. The point of these charts was simply to have a spot to jot things down such as when she went potty, and then another spot for Lily to have some fun and add some stickers. Then today Lily went potty first thing in the AM, then approximately every 2 hours thereafter. I've read some articles on potty training and have kinda created my own potty training "boot camp" method. Then during the day today she visited the potty a bunch of times, all with successful happenings.

We also potty trained our son via our fun Boot Camp style when he was 3yrs and 3mos old, and that blog post is here. They were also a key aspect in our potty training, in addition to a learning experience for Lily, and of course plenty of fun.

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