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When I let him get up, he dashes to the kitchen and attempts to throw away the potty-training chart.
Sure enough, Dave didn't place Max on the potty seat quite right and there's pee all over the floor, which Dave is cleaning up with window cleaner as Sabrina cries pitifully.
I am not going to tell you how many Samoas I consumed because someday, when I run for president, someone will use it against me. We just started potty training Parker on Monday using these same technique recommended by our Autism Home Behavior Therapy program, mixed with the things that work for us.
And for the final and practically MOST IMPORTANT tool (next to aforementioned child and toilet)- A REINFORCER! You DO NOT need to wait until your child is verbal or has words for going to the bathroom to potty train.
Depending on your child's ability- have the child verbalize or approximate "potty", "Toilet", or whatever word you want to use. We use pull ups for naps, nighttime and when we are going somewhere further away than 5 minutes. I just gave him a glass of chocolate milk because I realize he's not getting enough liquids.
Max grabs my hand, pulls me over to the doodie ice-cream timer and points; I forgot to set it.
The floor isn't nearly as clean as I thought, although you would only be aware of that if you came to our house and sat on the bathroom floor which most guests do not do. These tips can work on typical children, as well as any variety of different developmental delays besides autism. Each time I would see Parker urinate I made a big deal out of it to create an awareness of his own bodily functions.
I recommend a bathroom that gets the least amount of traffic in your house or therapy center but isn't far from where you are spending your time.
I prefer a cover as opposed to a small potty because that would add another step to our plan. We go straight to underwear in the hopes that Parker will soon begin to instantly realize when he is urinating.
In fact, many typically developing, verbal 2-3 year olds will instantly answer "NO" when asked if they have to use the restroom anyway.
At first all you really are trying to do is time your bathroom breaks to catch as many successes as possible.

Make sure the child pulls down their pants, gets on the stool and sits on the toilet on their own doing. As time goes by- you can increase that number to 90 minutes if it is more in line with your child's frequency. If we keep having accidents we go completely underwearless in order to catch the pee midstream so we can then place the child on the toilet to finish.
It's hard when you hear a parent of a typical child say- "Potty training was so hard- it took us a week." I know there are some of you that have been working at this for months and even longer without success. To me the biggest thing was understanding completely potty training might take up to 10 months. Dave takes Sabrina to gymnastics and hip-hop class, and I ask him to keep her out all afternoon; it'll be easier if it's just me and Max. Most likely if my boys were trained on a small potty - we would then have to partially re-train them to use the adult potty. Otherwise, the less comfortable they will be- then the more likely they are to want to get off of that darn toilet. What often ends up happening is either the parent knows they actually DO have to go, so they make them use the restroom, the child has an accident, or they will just run into the restroom at the last second on their own. Then you are trying to create a mental connection within the child so that they understand that this desired behavior (peeing on the potty) gives this desired reward (a handful of chocolate). If your child urinates, do this same thing in an hour (and thank your lucky stars and buy a lottery ticket). I could program a sentence into his speech app but I know he could say the word (or some semblance of it) if he wants to; he just doesn't want to. It took Grey about 3 weeks to finally just start to get the process and soon after that for his daily successes to grow bigger in number than his accidents.
Be sure to stock and rotate games, toys, books, an ipad, a coin bank and coins, bubbles, and anything that can help keep your child engaged and distracted. It took us around a year to get from start to finish and we still have phases where we have accidents, but if you would have asked me a year ago if I would have stopped buying pull ups I would have said no way.
But here's the great news- we did this successfully two years ago with my oldest son Greyson, and I COMPLETELY forgot how much I hated it until this very week, now that we started to potty train my youngest son, Parker. After about 5-6 months we were able to catch him mid-poop in order to put him on the toilet to finish.
You go pee pee!" I would exclaim as he was going, making sure he was looking at me and my point towards his stream.

I also make sure to have small toys available for them to hold so they do not mess with their junk. Keep this item in the bathroom so you can deliver it INSTANTLY after a successful pee pee in the potty. As that cognitive connection is being made you will overlay communicative intent by using a picture or icon of a toilet. Pulling down their pants and getting on the toilet is an important part of gaining independence, learning self-help skills and the entire potty training experience. And despite the 15-25 minute subsequent bathroom breaks your child will still have an accident-(We've already had 6-7 today). Like all hard things in life that we must move directly through- it's a mind game and our attitude and willingness to extract some of our ego and emotion is imperative to our child's success. One of Max's speech therapists knows an expert who helps potty-train kids with special needs.
So on the bright side- yes, it is awful and hard but then you will most likely forget all of that awful part and instead be left with a happy, more independent, self sufficient potty trained child, and your time will be freed up to do more exciting things- like plan that family get away.
It's also good for the child to see it so they can connect the desired behavior (peeing in the potty) to the reward. It helps me get less frustrated when I remind myself that Parker and I are on the same team and he needs me to show him how this is done. Grey doesn't like screaming and clapping and hoopla- so I kept it as tame as possible (man was that hard for me) and we made it more about the reward. You're just starting out- so don't consider it a failure- it actually helps you figure out how often(ish) your child goes potty.
Mentally we can work ourselves in a TIZZY of frustration and fear that this will never happen. That was key for us.ReplyDeleteErica LApril 2, 2012 at 1:35 PMYay to both of you for a good start and keeping it up!!

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