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We found this list on good old Pinterest, and agree with them all so we thought we'd share it here.
In the first stages of puppyhood, most puppies’ jaws are unable to compress or chew the adult Classic KONG rubber.
As your puppy grows stronger he or she will eventually need to graduate to the adult Classic KONG.
As long as you adjust the amount of dog food (calories) offered at mealtimes, it is okay to give your dog treat-stuffed KONG toys every day. Most zoos include a variety of enriching feeding programs to their animal’s daily feeding schedules.
Animal behaviourists and trainers often refer to this category as “Enrichment”, Developmental” or “Cognitive” toys. The basic concept of “enrichment” is providing your dog with a fun and rewarding activity to occupy his or her time. Interactive play is also great exercise for you and your dog and provides an opportunity to expend pent-up canine energy. Dog toys in this category are designed to activate and engage your dog’s attention without your direct participation. Please note: Any toy listed on the chart has the possibility of becoming a Self Amusement Toy. A comfort toy can be defined as any toy that has a calming, stress-reducing effect on your dog. For our canine companions, much like children, education is critical to social growth and intellectual development.
Campbell was known at 'the skinny Oak Flats dog, seen running on the train tracks for the last 10 months'.
As a dog behavioural trainer, I often am asked about what to do about the arrival of a new baby and an existing dog situation. A classic case was just recently when I went to see a couple whose dog was whimpering, pacing and licking his lips when the baby was being attended to.
It turned out the dog was keen to find out what the baby was and seemingly had no evil intentions towards her at all. A lot of yelling at him to get off the lounge, stay away from the baby and do as he was told created fear in him and anxiety. Most commonly the scenario I find is the dog has been the ‘baby’ of a young couple and now finds itself being replaced by an actual human baby. In my experience I have found that when the dog has been treated as a human baby and spoilt like a human, many problems can arise. When we have promoted our dog to the top of the family ranking then suddenly demote him to the bottom, it can cause much distress, confusion and anxiety for him. When a dog is a ‘leader’ he or she has loads of privileges but also has a huge amount of responsibilities. Often when the baby arrives all the attention of the owners and visitors is suddenly redirected to a new uninvited being. Play sounds of babies crying, gurgling and screaming in the background whilst they are doing pleasant activities such as eating, playing or munching on a chew toy.
Pair up the pleasant activities and the sounds with a word such as baby, bubba or whatever you would like to call it. When baby is born, bring home from hospital cloth rubbed on the baby so he becomes familiar with the scent. If major changes are to be made make them gradually and finish them before the baby comes home.
If you are going to control his movements around the house (which is very advisable) then start with ‘stationing’ him to a place where he is welcome to hang out with the family.
Don’t expect your dog to suddenly bond with this unusual monkey like creature that turns up- not every dog is taken with babies - human or canine!
Don’t try to pat the dog and child on the same level explaining in human language about how they are both loved. Don’t punish your dog for giving you warning that he will harm your baby…best to have warning than not! Most dogs are excited when the baby actually arrives, I have had some of my own that were the best pregnancy detectors out!
Last year was a hit, with many pooches getting their photos taken with Santa and we already have lots of dogs getting excited for this year. These can be purchased by going to the 'related products and purchasing as many as needed. The 60 kilo (and growing) Tibetan mastiff has discovered how to get his way with minimum effort for maximum impact. Kym says despite his toddler tantrums, Archie has a highly reliable side particularly when he switches to work mode which involves herding and watching over the alpacas on the family property.
But she realises the tantrums and wilfulness need to be controlled before he grows much bigger.
Giant breeds are known for their stubborn streak but when it comes to behaviour that endangers the dog and owner, it’s time to take action.
When you change the request to a whiney, pleading voice and draw out the words it changes the actual command anyway. If the incident was not too serious ask the dog to do something reasonably simple and praise lightly for that. For some of us that might mean celebrations and for others it may not… but it certainly means chocolate, lollies and other treats for a lot of us!! While chocolate might taste delicious to us (and our dogs!) it is actually quite dangerous for dogs and cats. If your dog has eaten cocoa powder, cooking chocolate or dark chocolate it is suggested you call your vet ASAP to discuss it. Easter decoration grass may serve as a nice cushy nest for all the eggs and lollies gathered during the Easter egg hunt, but if your dog or cat finds it too tantalising to pass up, it could cause some real problems.

Chocolate is not the only sweet treat finding its way into the Easter baskets that often sit at eye-level to your dog or cat. Carob Drops (made just for dogs!)  close as can be to real chocolate and you could even melt it down and put it in an easter mold. Carrots - you may be surprised to here just how much lots of dogs love to chew on a raw carrot. There is a combination of the following; Carob drops, yoghurt bones, biscuit bones, liver chips, dental sticks, beef ears, cow hooves, greenies etc. It’s flea and tick season again and we have been hit hard with all the weather helping the little critters to propagate in great numbers. We all know what fleas are, those pesky little blood sucking parasites that annoy us all year round.
Some dogs are very susceptible to flea allergies, not unlike us humans who can also become allergic to something easily.
Paralysis ticks are frequently in low hanging branches of bushes awaiting a warm blooded creature to brush past.
If your dog is wobbly, has a hoarse bark or no bark, uneven pupils and generally acting like a drunk then be very suspicious of a tick on board. The only sure prevention is to do a full body search daily and have an excellent quality spot on preventative treatment on. Supermarket brands of flea, tick and worm treatments are generally cheap (and nasty) and you get what you pay for.
We stock both Advantix and Comfortis at our Daycare and Training Centre, feel free to pop in and discuss your options with us or you can seek advice from your veterinarian or vet nurse on products and what is most suitable for your dog.
So in summary, ticks are a major problem in this area (South Coast NSW) for a variable time frame throughout spring and summer.
Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging center, or meet in person. Check whether or not the animal is microchipped (in some countries this is a legal requirement). CKC registered,first shots,dew claws removed, tails docked, 1st year health guarentee, care package, 24hr support .
I have a beautiful litter of CKC registered Australian Shepherd puppies that will be ready for their new homes in June.
We unfortunately had to put our 12 year old Golden down due to cancer and we feel a little lost without her. Two female shihtzus, both spayed, utd on shots, CKC registered, calm, great for older family. A family friend of ours had a female dog, and then acquired a male dog who they only thought was spayed. Princess is actually the most reluctant to wake up out of all of my girls in the morning- she doesn’t want to get out of bed, and she doesn’t want my daughters to leave her to go to school. Judging by the popularity of Disney’s Zootopia, it’s safe to say people love films with animals in them. According to a 2011 study published by the Humane Society, approximately 39 percent of U.S.
When Bianca got Maxwell, her two year Labradoodle in 2011, she didn’t realize that her cosmetology license would come in handy in keeping her puppy at his most handsome.
These programs add variety and enrichment for zoo animals and effectively decrease boredom, depression, pacing, and destructive behaviour. Providing an enriching and stimulating environment is an important factor in raising a healthy, well-adjusted dog. Adding interactive feeding sessions to your dog's normal feeding schedule will be rewarding and educational.
This random, positive reinforcement will keep your dog entertained both physically and mentally.
Sometimes it is proactive and is during the pregnancy and sometimes it is an emergency after hour’s house call when the baby has just come home. The couple were quite understandably worried as the dog, a Maltese x Pomeranian had exhibited exactly the same behavior’s just before he killed a chicken in their relative’s garden a week earlier. His licking actions were ‘calming signals’ (Turid Rugaas) and he was trying to make peace and calm himself down. Such a status means that it is the leader’s responsibility to keep harmony in the pack, discipline, find food and keep everyone safe.
The dog is often unwittingly shunted into the background and forced to be at best, second best. Download from the internet, buy a CD or record sounds yourself…just get those sounds happening! Trying not to pair up the arrival of the baby with a loss of status and privileges is the vital key.
A mat, bed or blanket in the family room but not in the bustling throng of it all, is ideal. On the other hand, plenty of dogs have been wrongfully euthanized when knowledgeable advice could have put the owner’s minds at ease and shown them what to do or even just understand what their dog is telling them!
You will be able to pick up your USB stick with the copies of your photos within 1 week (Although We’ll endeavour to do it ASAP). Michele is a well established freelance journalist who regularly writes for newspapers such as The Illawarra Mercury and magazines such as Dogs Life Magazine.
Today we are going to go over some of the dangers of Easter for our furry friends, what to do keep an eye out for and what we can treat our dogs with. Chocolate contains caffeine and a compound called theobromine, both stimulate the nervous system and can be toxic to animals.
If your dog has eaten milk chocolate it is okay to keep an eye on your dog to monitor for any symptoms and call your vet if you're concerned. The plastic component of Easter grass is non-digestible, and can get tangled in your animal's intestines.

There are jelly beans, puffy marshmallow chicks, sugar eggs and more, all of which can cause gastrointestinal disturbance in animals. Many pets (especially dogs and cats) are naturally drawn to the texture, bright colours, and crinkly sounds wrappers make and often unintentionally consume while playing. They particularly like dirt based area such as under the house or decking and are hatched by the carbon dioxide breathed out by your dog. Yes, those black dots on the skin is actually blood filled poo and a sure sign that there visitors jumping around there somewhere.
They can feed on mammals, birds and reptiles and Australia has several different types of ticks, in the South Coast area it is safest to assume any tick on your dog is a paralysis tick but there are bush ticks in the drier areas and these are a nuisance but not deadly. They are harmless to our natural mammals but deadly to the introduced species of dogs and cats. By full search I also mean between the toes, in the ears, around the bits you don’t like to deal with as well as the obvious areas such as where the jugular is on the neck and any main veins.
1 male 1 female brown with Sheppard markings, 1 male black and white pattern, 2 black pups 1 male 1 female, 1 dark brown no marking female.
Once the girls leave for school, she’ll follow me around the house, but she gets excited around 1:30, when she knows that it’s time to go pick up the girls from school.
By day, she works on the corporate side of the beauty industry in NYC, working for one of the largest beauty trade shows in North America. Dogs have a rich tradition in television, whether they’re saving children from rivers or sleeping on top of their houses. Spring is (finally) here, the Knicks and both of our hockey teams are in the playoffs, and the Mets aren’t losing terribly… yet. Dogs can sometimes be hysterical and adorable at the same time, and they usually aren’t even aware that they’re doing it. Free articles on cat behavior, cat health, pregnancy and birth, vet care and the human bond with cats.
They are often called house cats when kept as indoor pets or simply cats when there is no need to distinguish them from other felids and felines. Suddenly he was no longer allowed on the furniture, yelled at, not picked up, no one listened to his commands that he barked and no one listened to his complaints. To the contrary the reason they have called me to them is because they do love him and don’t want to put him down, re home him or ban him to the back yard in a cage.
Many a dog has been spoilt and maybe other than a few irritating idiosyncrasies, the owners get away with it beautifully.
If the dog has always had free reign and is suddenly told not to go here or there, he will be confused. The worse I have seen is baby on one side of the human on the lounge, dog on the other side of HIS human on HIS lounge. Remember a growl is a warning “I am unhappy, scared, anxious and if pushed I may have to go further and bite”. If enough is ingested, your pet can suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, abnormal heart rhythms, tremors, seizures, and worst-case scenario, death.
Consumption of these items can cause intestinal disturbances and even an intestinal obstruction in your animal. They can cause significant skin diseases, give your pet Tape worm, and are associated with the transmission of several infectious diseases. The best way to tell is the legs of a paralysis tick are up near the head not all down the side of the body. But in saying so I have had them at my back door on the handrail, a long way from the lantana behind my house.
It wears off quickly so don’t be slack as ticks are just hanging around waiting to jump on and feed. Since my three daughters played at their house, and loved the dog, my friend encouraged me to take her home.
Be sure to like Dog Collar Boutique on Facebook to stay up to date with all of the Roving New York Dog Reporter’s adventures! Madalena’s passion outside of work is fitness- she recently became licensed as a Zumba(R) instructor, and aims to compete in both a triathlon and half-marathon this year. He had been instantly demoted from top dog in the household to an axe wielding, possible baby murderer and was wracked with worry over the change in the attitude of all his family towards him. Reassuring and stroking the dog whilst ‘patting’ the baby led to the dog suddenly lunging out and bit the baby on the face.
While all forms of chocolate can be toxic to cats and dogs, white chocolate has the least amount of stimulants. If ingested, the grass can cause choking or become lodged inside the stomach or intestines, creating an obstruction.
Xylitol can be so toxic to pets that within 30 minutes of consuming a small amount of a Xylitol-sweetened product, a dog can experience a dramatic drop in blood sugar, begin vomiting, become lethargic and have difficulty standing or walking.
Particularly if you are bathing your dog, they will take off and hide until it is safe to come back out.Fleas will also migrate to the nose area if you are washing the back end.
Some may have seizures, develop internal haemorrhaging and lesions, and suffer liver failure.
She’ll know when someone is sick or hurting, and she’ll lay on that body part, as if she can make it better.
You wouldn’t allow a toddler to supervise a new born baby and you should be very hesitant to leave your dog in the same position.

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