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This Easter holiday A­weekA­end, thousands of fathers will spend a small fortune A­trying to hit a cardboard target with a pellet from a wonky air rifle. Ia€™ve no idea who came up with the concept of goldfish as fairground prizes, but kids seem to like them.
In which case, the assistant said, Brian wouldna€™t be allowed to buy any more goldfish.Pardon?
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Young boy learns about death the hard way as his mom forces him to flush his pet goldfish down the toilet. A young boy learned about death the hard way as his mom forced him to flush his pet goldfish down the toilet. On Sunday, people all over the country had their hearts captured by a broken little boy who was forced to say goodbye to his best friend. It seems as though his mom was trying to teach him a lesson in death, but the boy didn't seem to fully understand. The video starts out with the probably no more than 3-year-old holding the dead fish as he lovingly kisses and holds the goldfish in the bathroom entryway.
Only until he sees the goldfish go down the hole, never to return, does he fully understand what just happened. While 'The Real' has stayed secretive about Tamar Braxton's mysterious firing, her close friend and former assistant has spilled all the tea.

Madonna has stood by her tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards, while BET throws their own shade. While 'The Real' has officially said their goodbyes to Tamar Braxton after firing her, fans have much more to say.
If you are the one who has beared loss of a dear pet in childhood, then here is a wonderful video that will force you to move down the memory lane.
Thata€™s a 20-litre model, and fish require a minimum of one litre of water per centimetre of length.
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And since goldfish can grow to 5cm, another two would exceed the maximum capacity of the tank.Hang on a minute, Brian said, the identical tank in the shop contained dozens of fish. Therea€™s even an online forum for people refused goldfish.I bring you one example, verbatim, except for some deleted expletives, from a frustrated chap who calls himself a€?Cornish Seagulla€™. Meanwhile, a kebab shop owner in Midhurst, Sussex, has just been prosecuted for what local council officers describe as one of the worst breaches of food hygiene laws they have ever seen.He answers to the name of Mustafa Dogdu. It is a minor classic.a€?Looking after Daughtera€™s goldfish, one dies and decide to replace it. Some lamb curries were made entirely from beef, while the meat in several dishes could not be identified.
They were approached by an assistant in a green uniform, clutching an iPad, who proceeded to ask Brian a series of questions.Why did he want the goldfish?

A This weeka€™s Good Health section featured a pair of shoes fitted with wheels, which are alleged to stop old people falling over.Call me old-fashioned, but arena€™t they what used to be known as roller-skates?
Ia€™ve never heard of anyone being required to complete a questionnaire before they could buy a goldfish.Initially, I assumed this was an isolated incident, just another example of an officious jobsworth proving my golden rule that if you give someone any kind of authority they will always, always abuse it. Yes, four.As this impertinent interrogation unfolded, the assistant earnestly tapped the answers into the iPad.How big was the tank in which the goldfish were to be kept? Got asked to leave store when wife pointed out that most of their fish had fin rot and how could they moralise when their fish were in such a poor state!a€?Ia€™m 56, have had a successful career, raised two kids, had two cats (died at 15 & 16) still have two dogs and make very good jam but I cana€™t buy a goldfish!! If this idea catches on, there could be carnage on pension day.A Join me for lunch The great joy of my job is the feedback I get from readers. I do hope you can join me.A My old mate Sean McDermott has become something of a London landmark over the years. Working as a doorman at a succession of smart restaurants in all weathers, wearing his bowler hat, hea€™s photographed by tourists almost as often as guardsmen in bearskins.You may have seen him lurking in the background during coverage of the bust-up between Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi.

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