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We often hear of early pooping-on-the-potty success as  happening accidentally, almost as a byproduct from simply sitting down and peeing. MOLLY: I’m trying to train my little guy now (he’s 2), and when he has to go poop, he runs and hides in the closet.
Here’s the idea about potty-training: In the beginning, infants and babies have no idea when they’re peeing or when they’re pooping. So for your little guy, he’s well on his way because he’s aware ahead of time that he’s going to poop and he goes someplace and does it. MOM: Right, so I wouldn’t be at all concerned about a child that only pees in the potty at first.
It can be helpful if the kid has an older sibling or older friend they can watch use the toilet.
MOLLY: Is there anything you can do if the child insists on putting on a diaper to poop but is totally potty trained for peeing?
I would also use pull-ups and and an incentive, maybe a sticker chart or other small reward system.
MOLLY: What are the possible long-term consequences if the child doesn’t potty train by four? MOM: If by 4-years old, the child is still not fully potty trained, consider seeing a pediatrician to be sure there are no medical issues. Check out this first book in our series where we talk about how the first 18 months of your child’s life determines their future self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to trust others. This blog is about raising kids and how our parenting decisions now can have long term effects. I can see you have a problem and have tried lots of things to get the potty training going with your son – things I would have suggested, too.
We have been having our son sit during in the morning and before showers to potty successfully. Thanks I will try what you said Because I Do have a older son maybe he will help my son with pooping in the potty .
I am the often written about showrunner and marketing pro behind (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention and Intervention: The Intersection of Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Future Media. I'm also a previously blind visual artist thanks to successful eye surgeries in early 2016. Great progress has been made over the last month, in particular, as Avi has finally begun to get over his fear of his own poop. Ed note: Much as I expected would happen, as soon as I wrote this post and got it scheduled to publish, the potty training regressed. Susan Rutherford (MOM): It’s not unusual at all for children to train for peeing on the potty before they master pooping on the potty.
The child may even be surprised: “Oh, what was that?” This is certainly cause for celebration, though it by no means indicates the child is fully potty-trained yet.
When I ask if if he wants to go on the potty he shakes his head vigorously and says “NO!” Although he pees on the potty all the time, he’s adamant about not sitting on the potty when he has to poop. The trick is to get him on the potty at the point that he almost can’t hold it in and he experiences going on the potty. Show the young child the older kid’s poop in the toilet and you might find that the concept finally clicks. One dad said he started talking to his son about the shape of his own poops and what they resembled – much like people do clouds.
While we would not ask an adult this question, we would ask a kid who doesn’t want to give it up.
We already do your first suggestion for clothes, foods, desserts, activities, I have begun to wonder if we give her too much choice because her strong will is more obvious now, But I will continue letting her make these decisions. She has been peeing in the potty since she was 2.5, dry through the night since long before that and rarely has a pee accident. Going through this *exactly* and have tried every suggestion on this page and in the comments. It might be helpful to talk with his teachers so that they might be helpful in this process.

You might want to watch him carefully and when he looks like he has to poop, cheerfully suggest sitting on the potty and you two can talk during the process -not about pooping, just general talk. Tonight I decided to let him clean up his own accident so we will see where that goes but I am so frustrated!!! I'm currently studying to be a musician, building my event company, and generally figuring out how to have the best life adventures that I can. I know this is a common thing for toddlers: the fear of something solid exiting their bodies and landing in a pool of water to be flushed into oblivion. He was convinced that pooping in the potty would hurt in ways that diaper pooping can’t even fathom. He cried the whole time, and I crouched in front of him to hold him in an awkward bear hug while he buried his face in my neck and whimpered in anticipation of pain. My child becomes the personification of too many exclamation points (!!!!!) upon successful defecation, reminding me a little too much of the victory dance of a cat emerging from a stinky litter box. The best thing in the world is inspecting the toilet bowl and describing (in excruciating detail) what he finds inside.
Avi is now all but refusing to pee in the potty (but still pooping like a big boy, so there’s that). That’s actually a good sign because it shows he’s aware of what the feeling of needing to empty your bowels means and he will go somewhere to alleviate that sensation.
The third stage of toileting development comes when a child masters an awareness before the evacuation occurs that allows him to act on the knowledge. In the toddler’s brain, he likely already wants to do everything the older child does. What you see is an overt control fight between the child and the parent that gets played out not just in toilet training but in much of every day life. She has degrees from Duke University, New York University (NYU), and the University of Denver. Namely, if your son has a good friend who is potty trained, I would suggest that your son go with him and watch what he does. I wouldn’t even begin before 23 months with a boy, and it probably will be later than that. He is susposed to go to pre k in September but if he’s not pooping how can he go to school? She has pooed on the potty when she first started potty training, but think it was more of an accident. If this is the problem, you might want to pay attention to the times of the day she is likely to poop, and have her sit on the potty at those times. Once he actually goes again in the potty, it will encourage him to continue, and, of course, you’ll be complimenting him. I will ask him if he has to go he will say no, and turn around and poop in his underwear 2 min. My problem is that I have tried ALL OF IT and then some and I can not get my almost 4yo to poop on the potty. When she was a year old, she started having constipation issues, and we finally just got that sorted out a few months ago with the help of a gi doctor. This meant that it took an awful lot of convincing to get him to even try sitting on the potty to poop, and an awful lot of comforting to get him to continue sitting on the potty, and then, usually, as the terror would mount to unkind levels, I would let him hop down and quickly don a pullup to do the doo. This kind of early peer pressure, or rather, peer example, can be much more helpful than seeing a parent use the toilet. It also gets played out in school and in friendships where the kid needs to control the whole scene regardless of other people’s needs. Im also concerned that being he can’t communicate how will he be able to tell the teacher h he has to use the potty.
In addition, if you have a little bit older boy available, I would have him show your son what to do.
Now that we have her regular (with the help of Miralx and ex lax daily), we were hoping that would help her to tell us when she needs to go. Apparently men need their wee wees to stay up badly enough to decimate the entire population of these trees.

It was a slow process, but every attempt saw him braving the toilet-sitting just a little longer than the last. If he needs it, you willingly hug your child while he poops, even if it takes 45 minutes and your back kinks and your thighs ache, and you don’t think twice about it because you are Mom (or Dad or Grandma or Aunt or The Best Babysitter Ever). The second rule of parenting success, luckily, is there is always regression and one should not panic, for all will return to normal soon enough. But, after about 3 months, she had some nasty problems with diarrhea and she refused to use the potty.
I’m looking forward to the end of pullups just as much as the next parent of a toddler. Of course, the third rule of parenting success is there is no such thing as normal, so don’t panic. I would suggest at that point (or even earlier) that the parents seek help from a child therapist. She hates sitting on the toilet or potty (even try and read to her etc.) and will not sit there for more than a few seconds. He is in preschool now and I pray he won’t have an accident because he is suppose to be potty trained. Between the ages of 2 and 3 he had several episodes of chronic constipation that were very traumatic. We have tried every bribe in the book from stickers, to treats, special underpants, books, to special outings, etc. If given his way, he would also sniff the toilet paper used to wipe his butt, but I had to draw the line somewhere. These kinds of offers to her may then help her to decide to let the poop go into the potty. The whole thing is surprisingly educational, but in a way I’m not entirely sure I should be encouraging.
I’m beginning to wonder if for some reason she is desensitised where she should be feeling the feeling beforehand. But honestly as a stay at home mom, I work with him constantly and my efforts are getting me nowhere.
I read all that is available online about potty training, but I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do, until a came accross a guide that saved me.
Try not to be impatient with him (although I wouldn’t be surprised if you were feeling impatient! Its very difficult for me not to lose my cool with her about this when I am changing underwear or pull ups 7 times a day!
Like, maybe I shouldn’t feed him a bunch of corn just to watch his mind blow when he sees it reemerge later?
It doesn’t bother her at all when she soils herself and would have poopy pants for hours if she had it her way. Keep calm while you’re dealing with him, and just keep reminding him that this is his decision.
He had a two week streak where he went almost every time on the potty and he earned a toy he hd picked out and I thought we were on the right path. I know it’s a control issue, I feel like a complete failure as a mother I must have screwed her up badly for her to do this. But shortly after receiving the toy, he completely stopped going in the potty and went back to going in his underwear. We always try to have her sit on the potty and go before these times, but usually without success and she just sits and fidgets and says she can’t do it. We have been to the pediatrician, I guess the next step is the therapist and a mental hospital for me. I don’t know what to do to get her to understand she needs to tell us BEFORE she goes.

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