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I completely cleared my schedule, and made sure Adelaide was occupied (at school) for the majority of the day, so Cadence had my undivided attention. I kept her naked from the waist down, and made sure our little potty was in the room with us all day. Cadence was sad about losing her Mickey Mouse diapers so I had to swoop in quickly and show her how great her big girl undies are—Sophia the First and Frozen panties for-the-win! We had one minor accident where she started to pee in her undies, but then stopped and finished in the potty, and a second accident when she couldn’t figure out how to pull down her undies fast enough, and wound up leaving a puddle right by the potty. Day three was much more of our normal, pre-potty-training routine—walk Adelaide to school, come home and watch Sesame Street while mommy makes coffee and eats breakfast.
She had two wet-undies accidents that morning, where she started going in her undies and then finished in her potty.
I was really hoping that her poop on the carpet from the night before was a result of her being mad that mommy was gone. I talked with her A LOT about where poo-poo goes and what she’s supposed to do when she feels like she need to go poo, etc.
Even with all of my frustrations around the poop, I’m still committed to this potty training business.
How old was your daughter when you started potty training and how did you introduce the idea of the potty? With my first born it was more of a formal introduction—I showed her the potty chair, and we watched the Potty Train DVD and read the Potty Train book. All work on The Caterpillar Years is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Today I want to share our potty training story as well as a free potty chart printable for you!
So about 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday I decided we were going to find a way to make this potty training work!
Once he filled an entire sheet he would get a new Hot Wheels car (he loves Hot Wheels and they only cost $1). Also, within sight of the potty, are the candy he picked out as well as the bag of Hot Wheels he can choose from when he completes 1 potty chart. Stack the sheets up so they are all lined up nicely and attached them together with 2 binder clips. To attach my potty chart to the wall I used to some spare 3M wall mount stickers I had on hand.
If we remembered to put a sticker on when we came home and my son had successfully pottied, then we would do it.

I’m bookmarking this post for future reference, when my little guy starts potty training. Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my turquoise lovin’ party going on right now!!
It empowers her to make the decision about when to pee, while subconsciously reminding her to check-in with her body. Definitely some work ahead of us in regards to underwear, but that would come with practice. My reminders were much less frequent on day three and I definitely think that played a role in her accidents. Cadence was NOT happy about us leaving without her, and that attitude directly reflected in her potty habits that evening.
She got her sticker and went back to playing in her play kitchen while I was prepping lunch.
But I had to scratch that theory off my list when she did it again while mommy was home and paying attention to her. She had a big sister who was using the potty every day, so she’d been watching and observing and learning about using the big kid potty daily for two-and-a-half years. The warm summer weather was great for letting her play naked in the backyard, and when she inevitably pee’d on herself, I used it as an opportunity to talk about potty training. Adelaide was REALLY quick to pick it up, and I’m sure Cadence will get there in no time at all. Heather shares ideas weekly, on how to make life with little ones fun, creative, and beautiful. With a new baby born in March, it was just too much to potty train and care for an infant. Eventually it got to where I was ready to try again, and my little guy seemed more open to it, too. I helped him make sure it would be something he would like because he doesn’t have that much experience in the candy department. And one of my little guy’s favorite things is to choose which stickers go on the sheet. Keep the binder clips near the top of the paper, but leave about a quarter of an inch at the top. I moved them somewhere else where you shouldn’t have any problems downloading straight from the here! I would probably put a different sheet in each bathroom and make the treats they earn different for each place.
The font is called Gungsuh which I think is a font that is within Microsoft so it may already be on your computer.

I’m sure there are some crazy talented kids out there that you always hear about getting potty trained in just a handful of days, but it was just so not so at our house.
I knew training Cadence would be different, and in all likelihood more difficult, but part of me still hoped it would be an easy three days like it was with Adelaide. Each time she completed a row on the chart, she got a prize (puzzles, coloring books, stickers, books, etc, all found at the dollar store). I’m even sending back our last shipment of Amazon Subscribe and Save diapers and canceling our monthly shipments.
And with both of them, we talked about potty training A LOT for a LONG TIME before actually taking off the diapers.
Then over the next year or so, we capitalized on opportunities to talk about using the big girl potty, until we were finally ready to take off her diapers and commit to potty training. I think these accidents really helped her understand what her body was doing, and they were almost effortless for me clean up. We also have started to use the timer to time how long until he needs to sit on the potty again. And possibly change up the rules for how many stickers they earn for what they do in the potty so it doesn’t take too long for them to fill up the sheet since their time is split.
I would say it took 2 months until he was comfortable going to use the potty doing #1 all by himself. And unfortunately we only get one opportunity a day (if even that!) and at the moment, there is no consistency to the time of day. And since I expected an accident, I could remain emotionally neutral about the situation, and matter-of-factly exclaim, “Uh oh!
Eventually I convinced him to pull his pants down, too, but he always wanted to keep the pull-up on.
My mom even made a potty treat container and filled it with stickers (which he absolutely loves) and some gummies for when he did his business. Do you put a separate sheet in each room, or leave one in the main room and put a sticker on it when they have gone potty?
So it was concerning that we didn’t get to practice that part, but I was extremely optimistic about the rest of our week.
Also what do you do if you are out and about, do you put a stamp on for the potty they did when you get home?

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