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Michelle Maffei is a freelance copywriter covering a variety of topics both online and in print, from parenting to beauty and more. The potty training journey is something all youngsters embark upon, but for many kiddos, toilet training is a two-part endeavor.
Ever found your youngster crouching under a desk or in a closet doing his duty in his underwear after spending time on the potty with no luck?
Congratulations to the lucky parents whose kids grasped the concept of number one and number two in one fell swoop, but for most, "children learn to control their bladder before their bowel," shares Bonnell. Well the wall chart is designed to help with positive reinforcement and reward good behavior. If she's doing well then she will be more than likely to be positive about the whole potty training process and want it to succeed. I have kept the charts as simple to use as possible, seeing you will have to print it out for yourself. To make things more fun, try print out the color versions of the potty training wall charts that I've provided for you above, and perhaps get a set of fun stickers that your child likes.
Or you could use a star-shaped sticker or stamp into the rewards section – the point is to make it fun and entertaining for your little one. Some people like to reward after every successful potty sitting, but that can kill the excitement quickly, so instead resolve for verbal praise after every success, and a physical reward (like going to the park or a small toy that you know she would like) after a prolonged consistently successful periods of training – like a week. I keep having people ask me about my potty training methods and I don’t know if I can be of any help but I can tell you what worked for my little guy. With that being said with my son ,Hudson, I have been trying to get him to go POTTY since he was 18 month but not really pushing him too much cause he didn’t seem like he really got the whole idea of the POTTY yet.
A few weeks ago (now Hudson 25 Months) I decieded that he certainly seemed to get the concept and what the Potty is for.

I wanted him to know that this is where we go and that going in his pants or on the floor was not expectable. He’s a pusher and has a poo face when he has to go so if I saw this I would rush him to the potty and let him know that he has to poo in the potty and not in his pants anymore.
I wrote this back in July when I was 2 weeks into training and now its September and I can now say my boy is fully trained. This entry was posted in Life in a blog and tagged help in potty training, potty training idea on September 27, 2013 by sandra.
This awesome, 2 tier training pants cake is custom designed, and hand made with care by our talented Creative Team. This adds a stylish touch while keeping your Potty Like a Rockstar Boy Training Pants Cake secure.
Our Potty Like a Rockstar Boy Training Pants Cake would make a unique Potty Party centerpiece, or a big boy birthday gift. Although you may be eager for your youngster to become the queen or king of the porcelain throne, unless your child is ready, it just isn't happening.
It not only helps you keep track of her progress, but is also good for your child… helping them to see their own progress.
Children tend to get bored with the wall chart after a few weeks anyway, besides you can't use the chart forever.
He was waking up dry for a few months before I started to train him( not always but most mornings). Like in the morning it was easier for me to hang out with him and watch him so I let him run around naked.
From the ideal time to begin to potty train to the difference between controlling urine versus bowels, discover the differences between potty training and poopy training.

Despite the success you may have found with encouragement and bribes, when it came to going potty in the potty, you may find your kiddo down right refusing to go poop on the toilet. Once you understand the differences between potty training and poopy training, you can cut down on your frustrations while you help your little one find success when learning to conquer toilet training! You might need to print a few copies worth – depending on how quickly you progress from stage to stage. Even though its good to hear about everyone’s experience I really believe every child is different.
I know there are going to be people reading this that totally disagree with pushing a child to go potty in anyway, but this is what worked for my child. I would get him sit on the potty while watching tv and would praise him with treats to sit there a little longer until he would at least pee.
Before you jump to the conclusion that your little one is simply trying to drive you crazy, you should know that for some children, you need to help them potty train each skill separately. It didn’t take long before he was going to peeing in there on his own and of course the poo took a little longer but when he did we made a huge deal about it.
And then start filling in the spaces provided from the first attempt at sitting on the potty – see the example below.

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