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But you see, children are so unique and have such different personalities and tempers that what might work very well for one toddler might not work at all for your child.
Food that is rich in fiber help control constipation by retaining fluids in the stools, keeping them soft and easily passable.
Other foods rich in fiber like brocolli, sweet potatoes, spinach and cabbage are also a great addition to your child’s diet.
It’s better for both you and for your child, that only one person should be involved in the actual potty training. If husband or wife, or grandma helps make sure they use the same vocabulary when refering to activities the pertain to potty training, so the child doesn’t get confused. Still, potty training will be a lot easier and relaxing if the parent who has seen the readiness signs and has already established a stronger connection with the child to be the one in charge of toilet training him or her.
Before any potty training attempt is made, you must be prepared to set aside the time in which you’ll devote all your attention and focus on the baby. Potty training is all about many small steps which lead up to the end goal, you child using the potty by himself. The best way to encourage a small child to do anything is to make a huge deal out of every time he or she tries. When your kid is already comfortable with the potty, even if he just sits there without doing anything, offer him praise even for trying.
Having your child present while you’re using the toilet is a good way to make him feel comfortable and relaxed in the bathroom. Letting him perform easier routines which don’t require too much of his concentration, like flushing the toilet or bunching up toilet paper, will reduce the chance of potty training being a frustrating and stressful experience for both you and the child.
Rewards work, no matter what anyone else tells you, it’s all about figuring a reward system that matches your parenting style and does not contradict with what your child expects from you. For potty training, sweets like M&Ms, mini marshmallows or even jelly beans tend to work very well.

If your child is a boy, you can decorate their outfits with stickers just like a military officer’s jacket and allow them to show off in front of other family members.
Before starting to potty train your toddlerF son or daughter you should make changing their diaper a bit tedious, making it feel like it’s an ugly chore for them aswell, after a while the potty will seem like the easier way for him to pee and poop. If you want a stress-free toilet training experience you need to have a positive attitude constantly. The key reaction from your part is to always appreciate and praise even the smallest progress made by your child, rather than being irritated by the occasional accidents that are bound to happen. Staying positive is also good for you, the trainer, motivating you to persistent in your action no matter what.
Once emotional distress signs can be noticed in your child’s behavior, toilet training should be postponed for at least a month, then try a different approach. If these potty training tips are not enough for you then make sure you also watch the video below cause it contains more simple and yet very effective tips to help you toilet train your little boy or girl. Family and friends come to surround you with love and concern and ofcourse tips, advice from their own experience.
Every parent in your family will have their own tips and advice to share with you, stuff that worked well with their kid, and so on.
This doesn’t mean that the method is not good, but you just have to adapt it to your own childs personality. High fiber yogurts are just as tasty as regular yogurts which most small children usually enjoy eating. Fruits like apples, pears, prunes and apricots are a tasty way to add fiber to your toddler’s meals. The ideal teacher or trainer should be the parent who’s been most active in daily teaching activities. You are ready to potty train your child when you can commit the time and energy it takes to encourage your him or her on a daily basis.

To know for sure when is the right time to start toilet training him you must be involved in all areas of your child’s learning.
Don’t schedule potty training if you need to handle other things that demand your input.
If your toddler tells you that she has to go poo or pee, even if accidents happen, praise her for telling you and always reassure her that next time will be better. You can easily devise a system in which the child receives one or two pieces of sweet each time he or sher goes in the potty, but if he also wipes which is a very big deal he gets double the prize.
You can take this further by buying gift bags which you can fill with pee and poop prizes from which your toddler can choose everytime he goes in the potty.
If you’re toilet training a toddler girl, an extra bed time story or a potty dance or song which you can make up on the spot is known to work very well. No matter how many accidents happen until your child finally masters going in the potty, training him should have no negative effects.
If a child becomes a bit difficult, starts screaming, or resists any incentives, continue to stay positive and try to ease the pressure. Yes you should be persistent in your teaching endeavours but sometimes there can be other conditions which are causing stress and resistance. Simple accidents which are perfectly normal are not the same thing as your child refusing to participate in any activities. Ever since I potty trained my two boys, Daniel and Mark, I've been helping countless other parents do the same with their toddlers.

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