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Kids love things that are weird, disgusting, outrageous and downright silly, but even they might have their limits.
Some kids products can be pretty messy, but leave it to kids to want something that makes even bath time a disgusting mess! It’s important to instill the desire for completely unnecessary devices at a young age. Okay, so this isn’t official lego merchandise, but it is something you can buy on the internet. In case your child is having trouble potty training, you can intimidate him or her further by adding a creepy farm animal’s face to your toilet. When the family cat, Mr Fluffypants, gets eaten by the neighbor’s pet python, it can be difficult to explain it to your child.
It might seem like a good idea at first to stop trying to get your little whizzer to hit the target in the bowl and just let him use the Peter Potty Toddler Urinal and hope he doesn’t hit the wall. Is it just us or are parents letting their kids get tattoos younger and younger these days? Luckily makers of Thudguard Infant Safety Hat had the foresight to realize that calling it a baby helmet might turn some parents off.

Perhaps slightly less exploitative than the baby mop, the Buster Vacuum is a great way to trick your kids into get your kids involved in cleaning at a young age.
An interesting new way to try to get your kids to keep their pencils out of their mouth and on their pages… Pre-chewed pencils intend to make your kids focused. If you enjoyed this article, consider signing up for our newsletter, subscribing to our RSS feed, or following us on Twitter. Grow you own ZOMBIE PLANT in the ZOMBIE PLANT Grow Kit and watch how it Plays DEAD when you Touch it! Seriously, who’s putting their kid in a turd t-shirt and sending them off into the world? Letting them play with the Scan-it Security Checkpoint X-Ray Toy might lead to some weird behavior.
While it really is an adorable sleeping bag, things get kind of messy when you realize the the zipper is shaped to look like a light saber that cuts through to reveal the animals intestines so you can shelter your baby from the Hoth wasteland. The Moo Mixer Self Stirring Mug lets you press a button to mix your chocolate and your milk so you don’t have to be bothered with the arduous task of mixing it with a spoon.
Seriously you might think this is hilarious but one day your kid is going to hate you for the Binky Bob Bad Teeth Pacifier… and for showing the pictures to all of his girlfriends.

Luckily Food Chain Friends help ease the pain by teaching your kids that sometimes things get eaten by bigger things.
But what’s he gonna do when he visits a relative who doesn’t have an itty bitty urinal in their home? But you really have to wonder, are some teeth marks really going to keep them from sticking their pencils where they don’t belong?
Ugly dolls come in all shapes, sizes, colors, amounts of eyes, crazy overbites and strange extra extremities.
Sure it starts out cute when little Timmy asks you for your spare change and keys, but it’s a whole other problem when you get frisked and held in questioning for hours. Snap them together to create a 2D picture, or stack them on top each other to build something. But at $5 it might be worth the look on grandma’s face when you say, “Mom, remember how you never let me get a tattoo?

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