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With the new HappyTouch kids app, children can now slip into the role of a laundress or laundryman and take over the laundry shop. When the first customer has entered the laundry facility and handed over the dirty laundry, kids need to pre-treat the stains and blemishes with a special pre-wash detergent, before they can put the clothes into the washing machine. In order to have plenty of alternation, the procedures vary, such as having various methods for drying and straightening the clothes: The washing can either be hung up on a washing line to be particularly environmentally friendly, or is simply put into a tumble dryer. Before the trousers, pullover or shirt can be handed over back to the customer though, it needs to be neatly folded after it has been ironed.
At the end, the customer is asked to come to the reception to pay for the well-deserved service.

There are two more tasks besides the normal customer orders, which are quite remarkable tasks, that need to be done in a laundry shop: Kids can help out a little monkey by sorting the laundry, or helping a little mouse to sow on some colorful buttons that fell off. In our YouTube preview we’re serving a female customer and we’re also showing you both of the extra games.
We’re really fond of the many different customers that visit the laundry shop and request to have all sorts of clothes being cleaned and washed. Conclusion: Toddlers and Kindergarten kids are definitely occupied for a while with this app and get a chance to learn about the various procedures at a laundry shop, that also need to be done at home, in a playful and fun way.
The game is now available for $ 1.99 without in-app purchases on the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone.

A short tutorial explains the various working stages via a little hand, so that no questions remain unanswered. Besides the usual electric iron, kids also learn to use a laundry press in order to straighten the clothes in the game.
Read in our review below as to what kind of machines and tools can be used in “All Kids Can…Do The Laundry!” to satisfy the customers with.

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