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A short while back I found this great article on Pinterest about 5 Things You Can Do with Your Baby To Make Potty Training Later On Easier. I have a friend who has a little one about a month younger than Brielle and has poop-trained her baby from a week old. If I can catch her before she poops in her diaper, as often as possible, I think it'll make it even easier to potty train her than I thought. A while back we entered our name, through Mom Central Canada , to participate in a Story Time Play Date sponsored by Natrel Baboo . When I stop to think back on all of the things we've gone through as a couple, I am exhausted and amazed. Therefore, she has only changed a small handful of poopy diapers in her babies 8 months of life; most due to being on road-trips and in the vehicle. When we change her diaper, or she's pooping or tooting where we see and hear her, we always say "stinky stinky bum bum." We've made a song of it and a game out of it.

Since she can crawl to wherever she wants now, she's in the bathroom almost always with me.
It sits under the sink in the main floor bathroom and is the style that fits on the toilet seat. Only once did we have a pee-on-the-floor episode but can you blame the girl since water was running and she was bare butt on the cold floor!!
I heard the grunting sound that comes before the big diaper change, looked over and she stopped. When she did it a second time I scooped her up as quick as I could, ran to the bathroom, threw the potty onto the toilet, yanked down her pants & diaper and sat her on the potty.
I'm very confident that with some consistency and a little hard work, we could potty train her quite easily when the time comes.
I hope we can make it past the "hiding to poop in her diaper" phase or the "fear of sitting on the toilet" phase.

In short, here are some of the steps they say to try before your baby is ready to potty train, which should help the whole process later on.
I then said "stinky stinky bum bum," she smiled at me, waited a few seconds and then the magic happened. But with this little step in the right direction, I think it will be even easier than I had hoped. We cheered and clapped and she looked very excited about whatever the heck mommy was so happy about. The whole event was only a couple of minutes, from whisking her away to the potty, to putting her diaper back on.

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