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Your little Nikki is so cute, she looks like something you'd find in a toy store like a little stuffed puppy. He is white with shades of beige very playful and fun loving my little prince was easy to house break with constant corrective actions and leading him to the wee-wee pad.
I have a Morkie who looks more Maltese with the long ears and looks but has the Yorkie disposition. There was 4 in the litter I guess the 2 little ones passed and my mom and I got the only 2. For the most part my Maltese Shitzu puppy is pretty laid back; his favorite location in our home is underneath an ottoman, and he goes there for naps and to escape from my daughters! Clever as my Maltese Shitzu puppy is, he runs with my socks under the bed and during laundry day I thought the machine ate them all. We have an 85 pound Lab who is her favorite toy and safety net but he has developed Cushings disease and at 13 years we have decided not to put him through all the treatments.

So if you can please let me know if you are selling or maybe you can point me in the right direction.
His best bud right now is our cat and they love each others company as they could play all day long.
He gets along great with my other two dogs, a Maltipoo and Shih Tzu Lasa Apso mix however he BITES!
When I called Prince from under the bed he came out with 4 pairs of socks in his mouth wagging his tail ready to play tug. House breaking was a bit of an issue for Brodie but once he was neutered he never did his business in the house again.
When I got him his teeth were starting to come in, now they all seem to be there but he still nips!
Oh, he is 2 months old and a handful (in a good way) he knows how to sit and roll over already.

Only problem I can say is that my Maltese Shitzu likes to wake up at around 4am or 5am to play once I feed him and go to bed he tugs on the blanket to wake you up.
My Maltese Shitzu puppy loves his "yummies" and meal times, has just started on his walks, and is really a big personality!
Prince is very friendly with dogs and loves playing with kids supervised of course because they are little.

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