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We have introduced many car shaped gadgets such as car shaped flash drive and car shaped card reader, while the latest finding is the car shaped wireless speaker with MP3 player.
Personalized police car shaped magnets will really get the sirens blaring for your next promotional campaign. Our qualified team of designers is on hand to assist you in creating the perfect magnet for your purpose.
Price includes printing in full-color (four color process) on one side, and up to 30 minutes of art setup time.

As we can see from the images, the Bluetooth wireless speaker features a car model styled casing, and comes with subtle details. Our Personalized Police Car Shaped Magnets are .25mil thick and printed in four color process. With the help of A2DP wireless audio technology, you can conveniently pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the bluetooth speaker, and enjoy excellent stereo music. They stick to practically any metallic surface and are great at keeping photographs and notes in place.

Apart from that, the wireless speaker doubles as a speakerphone for your video chats and hands-free calls.

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