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For the first few years of our children's life we were (and still are for Clay) fairly laid back with their achievements. We weren't planning to potty train Clay until closer to the time when he goes to preschool as well (he's going to be 2 this Thursday!), but because he's been picking up quite a lot by watching his sister, and has been watching us on the toilet, he might just be able to potty train earlier.
It also comes with a removable trainer seat, pot and soft seat made of Styrofoam-type material.
I really like it that it comes with a soft cushion, which we didn't have with Abby's potty.
For now, we'll wait until Clay has grown a bit more before we try again, or perhaps my engineer hubby can think of some way to add a guard on the cushion seat. We never purposely encourage them to hit each milestone, let it be crawling, walking, or even potty training. So when TOMY asked us whether we would like to try out their new The First Years Disney Cars 3-in-1 Potty System, I thought, why not? For the Disney Cars version, the base of the potty system is shaped as a car tyre, with a gear stick on the side that can be pressed down to make a vrooming sound.

I'm also glad that it wasn't made of plastic sheet that wraps around a sponge, as those can trap dirt on the lining, making it harder to clean.
The Disney Cars' gear stick and vrooming sound is attractive to boys, making them feel at ease when sitting on it. It would be easier for both parents and child to have side handles fitted on the base to make it easier to move the potty around the house.
I think that he should be trained sitting down first, but because he's quite small, even if he wees sitting down, it would just go all over the floor. Some might think it looks very basic, but you really don't want too much distraction when they should be doing their 'business' instead of turning here and there, nor would I like to clean the extra bits and gaps like for Abby's potty. It would be fantastic if TOMY can create a new cushion seat that comes with a higher guard though.
Even if Clay isn't ready yet, we had our first experience with Abby so we more or less know what we need from a potty. Both me and Clay liked the details on the tyre and gear stick, and he especially loves the vrooming sound.

And in cases of children playing with the potty without supervision (it happens), it might be better to line the edges of the lid and the trainer seat so that when the child accidentally let go of the lid and it lands on their finger, it wouldn't hurt as much. When we tried him on the potty without his nappy on, I didn't quite understand and thought that perhaps he's too young for the potty, but Abby's potty does have a wee guard that is quite high up (which I never understood it's purpose until now), and I think that it would be better if they can raise the wee guard higher to prevent accidents.
With Abby for example, we didn't start potty training her until about a month before she started preschool, and that's only because we expected it to be difficult if she gets trained differently at the nursery.
I didn't try him on the potty immediately but he was happily sitting on it with the lid down (as a stool), watching his favourite tv programs while pressing on the gear stick all the time!
For easy transport you can just bring the trainer seat, pot and cushion with you, just make sure that you do bring a disinfectant if you are clipping it on public toilets.

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