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The forks and spoons are stainless steel with durable plastic handles that are designed for toddlers learning to feed themselves.
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CARS – LIGHTNING MCQUEEN TeeBaby's engine will run faster than ever in this deluxe Cars tee with embroidered block lettering and puffy ink accents. The Pit StopKeeping things with the racing theme, we had checkered racing decor throughout the house, including this Welcome banner and a Pit Stop sign for the bathroom door. Judah's Big Day!Of course we had to have a bright red and checkered banner celebrating the birthday boy! The TablescapeJudah's banner hung over a fully decorated tablescape with lots of CARS and racing elements throughout. Dinoco Oil CansI bought a few empty metal cans and wrapped them with the checkered paper that I had. Cupcake TowerAt the center of it all was a massive cupcake tower: My husband made THE MOST DELICIOUS vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting - all from scratch!
Cupcake ToppersIn keeping with the red, black, and white color scheme, I added little racing flags to each cupcake by using some paper straws and washi tape. Race Around the TableTo make the cupcake tower stand out a little more, I made a racing track out of a piece of black poster board and a chalk marker.
Piston CupAnother metal can decorated to look like another of the CARS logos, this time the Piston Cup.

Rust-ezeCouldn't have a CARS party without the official sponsor of Lightning McQueen, now could we?
Sheriff's Stoplight Salad(More of a crudite, really.) Each food item was tied directly into a character from the CARS movie, and I made each label. Red's Hots in a BlanketI had know for a long time that I wanted to have pigs in a blanket for Judah's party, but I couldn't find a clever name for them. Lizzie's CuriosThese little CARS-decorated snack pails were a huge hit with the little ones at the party, ranging in age from 1 to 5 years old. FIllmore's Organic FuelWe kept beverages pretty simple for the kids: juice and water, themed after Radiator Springs' chillest resident, Fillmore the Van. Radiator Springs Spring WaterI'm a sucker for custom water bottle labels and jumped at the chance to take the play on words with the very town featured in CARS: Radiator Springs.
My Boys!Judah took a breather from scarfing down his birthday cupcake long enough to take a photo with Daddy. My Little ManDressed in his very own Lightning McQueen t-shirt, I still can't believe my little Disney Baby is now TWO years old. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The plates and bowls have steep sides that keep food from moving and makes it easier for toddlers to scoop out food. But last night I finally gave into the bribery method, offering one Tic Tac for every pee and two for every poo.
Judah celebrated his second birthday this weekend with family and friends in attendance and we all had a blast… especially since the entire party featured Judah’s all-time favorite movie, CARS!

Then I printed out various labels and logos from the CARS movies, like this Dinoco motor oil label. I cut and taped checkered paper to create start and finish lines, then put out a bunch of tiny toy cars to really tie in the racing theme!
For veggies, I put cut-up green, red, and yellow veggies into metal pie tins - just like a stoplight! Named after Sally's hotel in CARS, each strawberry is hollowed out and stuffed with a cheesecake filling, then dipped in graham cracker crumbs.
Then I remembered that hot dogs are sometimes referred to as just "hots" - and it tied in perfectly with Red the Fire Truck. Half of the cups contained Chex Mix while the other half had fresh blueberries, depending if you were on a sweet or salty kick.
He was so excited for everyone to sing him "Happy Birthday" and then he was so excited to blow out his candles!
I had been trying for a more purist approach, using stickers and clapping as incentives, but that wasn't nearly as exciting as sugar. Between the candy, the Cars-themed underwear (I'd rather have Pee & Poo undies, of course) and Potty Elmo I feel like a total sellout, but the idea of not spending more dollars on diapers fills me with hope and glee.

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