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This one might seem like a no-brainer, however healthy and balanced cats have a much easier time leaping up onto their new throne. About Velita LivingstonVelita Livingston is the founder and editor of the Cat Lover's Diary blog. Cat Lover’s Quotes"Cat people are different to the extent that they generally are not conformists. Believe it or not, simple actions like giving an answer to a voice command can help lay the groundwork for the potty training process. Ailments like arthritis or even urinary tract infections may have an effect on their capability to learn how to make use of the toilet, therefore sick kitties need to stick to the litter box.

The site provides rich content with great advice on cat care tips and training, teaching you how to protect, pamper and live peacefully with your cat. Until recently, the litter-box has really been a necessary evil, a small price to pay for our beloved companions.
Even though it’s not even close to mainstream, cat toilet training is gaining momentum with cat owners across the nation who are beginning to accept the trend.
Throughout the training process your own cat will discover how to put its waste in water rather than litter.
Soon after he discovers that using the toilet pleases you, he will end up being very happy to oblige!

But before you toss that pesky cat litter box in the trash, there’s a few ways to determing if your cat is ready to take the leap to a litter-free way of life.
Cats will use body gestures to tell you if they are confident with a specific training step. Whenever you pick up on these signals, both of you can work together to attain a peaceful training pace.

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