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If the mom-to-be for whom you want to throw a baby shower party is expecting a baby boy then you will get lots of options in selecting theme. You may select boy baby shower poems to be written on banner for decoration or on invitation card.
If you really want to make the boy baby shower party more enjoyable and memorable then don’t forget to plan special games and activities for the party. You should select baby shower favors and prizes that will match your baby shower party theme. You may send online boy baby shower invitation or take print outs of invitation cards and send by mail.

Here you are getting ideas to plan a boy baby shower party  so you should try to choose food that will match your theme.
Main arrangements to be made for this party will include making guests list, sending invitations, selection venue etc.
Don’t go with only blue color but include some other colors in decorations too to make blue color prominent. Very exciting boy baby shower games can include naming a toy and suggesting baby boy name race. You can make this activity more enjoyable by asking all guests to make a list of names starting from all alphabets.

Other important arrangements that include decorations, menu, games, gifts etc will be different for a baby shower party for a baby boy from a baby shower party arranged for a baby girl.

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