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Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily chikui can't take your order(s). Judah has been showing interest in the potty for a couple months now, but mostly never did anything when we took him in there.
I considered several options for potty training undergarments — disposable Pull-Ups, expensive cloth trainers, cheap reusable cloth trainers, and some hybrid DIY cloth trainer options. Many people who use this method choose to let their toddler go bare-bottomed to make it easier for them to go.
Initially, I planned to use a small seat that fits on a regular toilet like those made by toto toilets.
I also found it very helpful to be able to track whether he actually went or not and how much. We let him use the big toilet with the seat a few times throughout the day to make sure he was okay with that, too.
I didn’t think naps would be an issue, because Judah dropped his afternoon nap a couple months ago.
I think he’s still a little young for night training, so we are putting him in a Pull-Up at bedtime. By day 4, we were all pretty stir crazy, so I decided to take the big step and get out of the house. We decided to take a quick trip to Target, partly because there were a few things we needed, but mostly because he’s familiar with the place. I did put down a cheap ($5) yoga mat under his top sheet recently which has helped quite a bit to keep accidents from soaking through. I worked on these training underwear for my friend's son, but my son is huge and they don't make the Gerber training underwear big enough for him. I ended up using the underwear pattern from That Darn Kat on Etsy and doing a size 6 girls underwear (too lazy to do the little pocket for boys- especially as I plan on adding absorbency to underwear).
In the case of the knit, I added elastic to them so it'd be tighter, but the FOE works much better and was easier to put on.
The FOE folds over the edge of the fabric and you use a zig zag stitch to sew it on as you gentle stretch the FOE (but not the fabric). These adorable planters are awesome gifts for teachers and can be made from upcycled wine bottles. Then, open the DHgate APP, and click on "Shopping Cart" or "My favorites" to find the product(s) you added. Just a couple weeks ago he finally started acknowledging when he needed a new diaper, so I set a goal to start the process this month after my extended maternity leave began and while my husband was on vacation.
But the majority of people who offered advice told me that going straight to underwear is the way to go. I tried to relax, but the truth is I was on edge, watching him like a hawk expecting an accident any minute. I thought it would be nice to eliminate the extra step of teaching him to use the big potty eventually. The potty training excitement must have tired him out, though, because he fell asleep on the couch all three days. They’re pricier than diapers, but I wanted them to at least look a little different and slide on like underwear.

I made sure he went right before we walked out the door, and I put a small dish towel under him in his car seat (nothing too bulky, or it could compromise the safety of the seat). About 20 minutes later, my husband and I had split up briefly, and Judah told his dad that he needed a diaper. She has taken down the pattern since I purchased so I'm not sure if it will be back up so I can link to it. They're not super difficult or time consuming, although adding FOE is something I don't exactly relish. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
You'll get access to the DIY Danielle member's only printables, exclusive content, and more! I used this free Potty Baby iPhone app to track when he used the potty and remind me to remind him.
He liked to sing the little song when he was waiting on the potty, and he has been very adamant about washing his hands every time he goes.
But I will probably keep the small potty seat around for a while just because it’s easier for him to use without a lot of help. By day 3, we had just one small accident, but he quickly realized it was happening and ran to the potty to finish up.
I considered putting him in a Pull-Up, but I didn’t like the idea of taking a step back.
I had read several recommendations to bring a portable potty seat for public bathrooms, but I wanted to see if I could convince him to use the regular toilet to avoid having to carry a potty seat around or teach him to do it later. My husband rushed him back to the bathrooms, helped him climb back on the toilet, and he went again. Choose underwear that your toddler will like with fun characters on them to make it more exciting. The other possible downside is that the toddler won’t feel as wet after accidents, which I think helps make the connection with how it feels when they need to go.
First of all, it can be brought into the play space (if you’re not squeamish about having a toilet in your living room for a couple days).
There were also times when he went just a little bit, and we knew he’d need to go again soon. I stayed nearby in the hopes that I could catch him as soon as he woke up and hustle him to the potty. Even though he wasn’t having accidents on day 3, I was concerned that he still needed a lot of reminding and encouragement to sit on the potty.
We had a big talk about how important it is to stay dry in his car seat, and how exciting it would be to use the big potty at the store. He either goes in his Pull-Up first thing in the morning … or he has an accident in his underwear. For all pieces, make sure your stretch is going in the correct direction (stretching hip to hip).
For the cars pair I used the knit that she had recommended in her tutorial, but the legs and waist needed to be tighter than they were with her measurements. I just released a fantastic book that is ALL about using, laundering, and sewing reusable cloth products.
We were able to wrap the cushions in large trash bags beneath the slip covers to protect them. Sure, there is more laundry to do, but those tiny underwear don’t take up much space in the washer.
We let him drink as many fluids as he wanted (I even allowed juice, which is usually a special treat).

I fully expected him to pee in his sleep on day 1, but I was surprised when he woke up totally dry. When I start to notice him waking up dry most days, we’ll move forward with night training.
We brought a big bath towel for him to sit on in the cart so clean up wouldn’t have to be too embarrassing or messy. He is initiating using the potty on his own, remembering to go most of the time, and he’s not wearing diapers!
I was using an old prefold diaper that I upcycled and it wasn't long enough to extend all the way back (I was trying to get three pairs worth of padding from one prefold). The covers are 100% cotton and wash up like a dream, so I felt much better knowing that an accident could be quickly cleaned up without affecting the cushions beneath. We chose the long Memorial Day weekend, but my husband is also on vacation this week, so we knew we could take an extra couple days if necessary. It seemed to work as a good reminder for Judah to see the potty seat right where he was playing, and it was also closer for him to get there as soon as he realized he had to go. He was pretty crabby about it when I put him straight on the potty as soon as he started to stir, but with just a little convincing, he went.
Ten hours is a long time to go without peeing for a toddler, and I’d rather have restful sleep than a night-trained 2-year-old at this point. I recall the Gerber underwear running a bit small so I definitely didn't want to spend time turning them into training underwear and not have them fit. To get a pattern for my insert, I just cut out the prefold in the shape of the front panel of the underwear, but added additional length so it went back further.
Pick up "The Complete Guide to Using, Laundering, and Sewing Reusable Cloth" today and get started saving money and the environment! We also put towels on top of the cushions in the hopes that we could catch small accidents without having to wash the covers every time. I put his potty right in the living room (I found it easier to have it front and center near where he was playing instead of all the way in the bathroom at the end of the hall). Mine didn't go all the way up the back of the underwear, but if my son sits in the underwear after wetting the urine does soak through the back.
You have to watch your toddler like a hawk the whole time, so a second pair of eyes is huge.
He could run over and use it on his own without help by the end of the first day, but he will probably need help climbing on and off the big toilet for a while yet. He woke up and went straight to the potty on his own (even though his Pull-Up was wet), and then continued to go on his own throughout the day with few reminders. Chemistry Experiment: Heat and cold packs Click Heat Science DIY heat pack 5 second heat pack demonstration Opening Hot Packs Hot Pack Searcher Trolls Beat Down at Target over Bowman Cards How to use the Heat Packs How to Reuse a Reusable instant Heat pack Exceptional Value! Most Powerful Cold Wrap for Golfers or Tennis Elbow and Tendonitis 39.95 Economical cold pack for your sore, swollen elbow - the kb basics elbow cold pack is designed for the shape of your elbow.
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