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These are the best long-coated Chihuahua Puppies in the most amazing colours that you will see. Puppies having being lovingly raised as part of our family and are completely adored by all.
Puppies will leave with details of their health programme and advice given on toilet training.

Puppies will be DL registered and will leave with their three generation Pedigree Certificate. Research before you buy. Ask the breeder about the needs and temperaments of their dogs. You should see the puppy with the mother, and check the facilities are clean and the litter appears alert and healthy. If your puppy does not originate from the place of purchase, ask where it came from and obtain its previous history where possible. Both parents are long-coated Chihuahuas, owned by us with the most bubbly, loving, loyal personalities you could find.

For pedigree puppies, ensure the registration papers and parentsa€™ hereditary disease screening certificates are in order.

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