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As Christmas approaches, and we assert our priorities, it's hard to keep in mind what the season is all about, because for many of us, we don't think about the meaning of Christmas until it's Christmas. Because, if getting is the reason you give, then close your account now, because you aren't reaping all the dividends God intended for you to earn.
A small shoebox can teach a child about the love of God, lead him or her to faith in Christ, inspire pastors, and plant new churches. Use an empty shoe box (standard size, please), a small plastic container or just grab a box from church. Determine whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl, and the child’s age category: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14.
Fill the box with a variety of gifts that will bring delight to a child.  Use the gift ideas provided on the bottom of this page on the OCC website. Please donate $7 or more for each shoe box you prepare to help cover shipping and other project costs.
Place a rubber band around each closed shoe box and drop it off at our OCC table in the foyer at church. For the past month our church has been talking about Operation Christmas Child and collection week is finally here! If Operation Christmas Child is new to you and you have never packed a shoebox gift, please check out theOperation Christmas Child website and this video below which tells more about the project.
Fill the box with a variety of gifts that will bring delight to a child.  Use the gift ideas provided on the bottom of this page. And if you still need more motivation to pack a box…please visit the OCC Stories page to read story after story of how God uses these simple gifts to change hearts and lives and communities around the world.
What I love about that video is that we hear from pastors that are there year-round in Sudan.
This next video shows children in Mexico go through The Greatest Journey course and graduate from it. Ruphina’s Story (Kazakhstan):Ruphina got word that a free gift distribution was taking place in her town in Kazakhstan, a country that borders Russia in Europe. Ricardo’s Story (Mexico) – Ricardo: In the rural areas of Mexico, 13- and 14-year-old boys don’t get to play video games or go to school. Bakatwamba’s Story (Democratic Republic of the Congo): In the Democratic Republic of Congo, twelve-year-old Bakatwamba lives with his parents.
As I said, these are only a few of the stories that have come from children affected by the love of Jesus sent through shoe box gifts.
This is a great opportunity to make a difference in child’s life at such a low cost to yourself.
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It's where Jesus tells the Pharisees they have to pay their taxes or give to Caesar, what is Caesar's. Christmas is a spirit that should be with us always, but it's not until the decorations start invading our lives that we stop and think about what's happening. Tell me one parent who has not learned a little something about the true meaning of Christmas from a child. OCC is a wonderful ministry from Samaritan’s Purse that takes small gifts packed by people like you and me and delivers them to children around the world. Something as small as a shoebox of gifts can be used by our great God to show children and communities throughout the globe His love and grace. The delivery of the boxes connects the children with local churches and children are discipled and cared for by that church.
You can give online by using the “Follow Your Box Donation” option, or you can write a check to Samaritan’s Purse (note “OCC” on memo line) and place it in an envelope on top of the gift items inside your box.
It was a rainy day, but Ruphina gathered her siblings and cousins to go receive shoe box gifts.
Due to financial hardship, Bakatwamba’s parents were not able to purchase a school bag for him and he was forced to carry his things in a paper bag. The question here, was whether tribute should be paid to the person who's pictured on the coin they showed Jesus. And it goes deeper than the gift you get, or the gift you give, or even admitting the selfish thoughts of "I hope I don't get the same old 'whatever' so & so always gives." Christmas is about rendering unto God those things that are God's.
Those adults whose eyes have not been opened are Scrooges who deadbolt all their feeling, or Grinches who steal innocence, or cretins who just don't want to be blessed! Continue this tradition as my family and I continue our tradition of caroling in the neighborhood.
On November 24th a team of people will be taking the boxes our church collects to one of the drop off locations in town. I always tell my children that we give gifts at Christmas not just because we love the people that we are giving to, but also because it reminds us of God’s great gift to us in the person of His Son, Jesus.
If you or your family are preparing more than one shoe box, please make one combined donation. When Ruphina and her family arrived at the place where gifts were being handed out, there was a video about Jesus playing. When he opened his shoe box gift, Bakatwamba was overjoyed to discover a brand new school bag.
These 'wise' questioners were attempting to trick Jesus, the same way many of us trick ourselves into doing what we 'think' is the right thing for us to do.
And most of all, the thing that I most admire, and feel such an inadequate steward of, is His gift of children to us.

How many times have you turned down an opportunity to be blessed with a lunch, an evening out when someone would watch your kids, simply because you wondered "What do they want?" Or, even more cretinous, have thought, "What must I do in return?" There's a word in our language that Christmas was designed to take away. This ministry is a way that we can share that with a boy or a girl who needs the good news and great joy of God’s love. And don’t forget to pray, pray, pray for the child that will receive your box and for the church that will be following up with that child and his or her family.
After the second service the boxes will all be taken to one of the local collection centers.
The gift encouraged him to continue with school in an environment where there is a high drop-out rate. Who or what we choose as our master is the gravest question facing our materialistic generation. The OCC website has many wonderful and touching stories of children, families and communities that have been changed  because of God’s work through this ministry. There were many small things that Ruphina saw when she opened her box, but one thing caught her attention. All the hard work can cause blisters and sores, because there is no equipment to protect the boys’ feet and hands. Through Operation Christmas Child, Bakatwamba also had the opportunity to enroll in a discipleship course with materials furnished by Samaritan’s Purse and later received Christ. Rather than asking about the meaning of life, we should ask ourselves, to whom are we rendering tribute? It's like I told my friend Gloria, in an e-mail, "you can only give, if someone lets you!" If we accepted people's giving a bit more, I'm sure we would have more giving. After graduating from the discipleship course and receiving his certificate, his entire family became interested in learning more about Jesus, and Bakatwamba was equipped to share the Gospel with them. She had never had much clothing, but she felt that Jesus had designed that box exactly for her.
They’ll fit all this year and next.” Can you imagine being so grateful for gloves that you would have to use to do work and chores? Unfortunately, too few of us have realized as Gloria Morris once said, "You have to believe before you can see." Think about that as you go over your Santa Claus list, and realize giving should not be based on what we get. Ricardo and 300 others in his village received gifts that will allow them to play and work for a long time.
But God gave me a way back, and as long as I try, refuse to give up, I can still find a way to give, regardless of what happens.

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