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Have you noticed that just before a woman has a baby, she chops all her hair off, then spends the next three years growing it out long enough to braid into a human hair ladder that can lower her child out of a burning building, Rapunzel-style? Scheduling a haircut is never easy, but once you have a child, getting a haircut takes divine intervention, planetary alignment and a whopping dose of good luck.
The story of Jesus’ birth is not a romantic pretty story of God coming to meet his subjects. A divorced God* decides the only way to bring hope and restoration back to humanity is to work within it. This entry was posted in Advent, Christmas, Community, family, Jesus, Jesus Money Materialism Reflection, neighborhood, Neighborhood, politics, Ryan's mind, spirituality and tagged Community, Jesus, spirituality by admin.
Some parents are usually conscious in their nature, and are very possessive about their child. Such great information for pregnant women and this article tell us how to care your self in pregnancy and how to make your body healthy in pregnancy thanks for share it .
As I approached and exceeded 8 months of getting 2 – 3 hours of sleep a night due to a nursing baby every 2 hours, I finally gave in to the feeling that it was time to wean our little one. The first few days I only gave her bottles during the day, to see if she would make a big fuss or not. So, for the past five days at least, I have been EXTREMELY uncomfortable (cabbage leaves in the bra, pumping once a day to relieve the pressure) but things have been going very well.
She can now put herself back to sleep without us needing to get out of bed and pick her up. When you re-remember about making the hair appointment, you have to find where your toddler has hidden your phone. Once you find your phone, you realize that you have to choose a new hairdresser, because it's been so long that your old stylist has either moved away or broken up with you because you've rescheduled too many times. When you call to make the appointment, you have to remember all the school, sports and social activities of every person in your household, and you also have to predict when one of your children will not be coming down with the flu. Christmas season should propel us to reorient our lives not only around the ideals of the Kingdom of God but around the manner in which that Kingdom was brought to earth. As someone who has given his bride (us) everything only to have us turn our backs on him and demand a divorce.
I am amazed at how easily this child adapts to different situations and how she has very rarely fussed over being given a bottle instead of me. She is sleeping better through the night and has even been put back to sleep without a bottle several times.
This requires having the wherewithal to think multiple thoughts in a row: I could sweep the floor with my hair. This number is not stored in your phone, of course -- it is on a business card that you've been carrying for two years, since the last time you thought about getting a haircut.

This is because the moment you find the phone and finish dialing, one of your children will get injured, or smother you with kisses or yodel loudly for no reason except that they sense your desire to leave them for an hour to do something for yourself.
This is difficult, because the moment you hang up the phone, small people begin grabbing at you, begging for food. By this time, three months have passed, but you have successfully made an appointment and lined up childcare. The week before Haircut Day, you put your house on lockdown and quarantine your children so no one will get sick. He was a child who had to not only hold the tension of having that stigma but he also held the tension of having two dads, one was Joseph and the other was Yahweh–both fathers, both real, both belonging to him.
But it does not break the bond between Mother and child, mine still cries for me despite the fact that her milk now comes from a bottle. The first night she had a bottle after her bath I got a little nervous, she was so wide awake I thought she would never fall asleep!
If you have ever tried to wake a newborn while nursing, you know all the tricks they give you don’t always work! She is enjoying more intimate time with other members of her family, Daddy, Grandma and others will soon follow I am sure. Eventually, you find the card, coated in animal cracker crumbs at the bottom of your diaper bag, along with a fossilized banana, three melted crayons and 18 Legos. By the time the grabbing and clamoring subsides, you have forgotten the date and time of your appointment.
You are in the middle of a victory dance when it occurs to you: Not only do you need to save enough money for the haircut and tip (and depending on the salon, you may also have to tip the hair washer, the hair blow-dryer, the hair flat-ironer and some guy standing in the lobby saying in a jaunty but probably fake French accent, "Welcome to Salon Chic and Tres-Expensive"), but you also need to save money to pay the babysitter. You check your children's temperatures all day, just to be sure no one is getting sick, because if you have to cancel, you need to do it 24 hours before the appointment.
So you bribe your babysitter with overtime pay, a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant (you'll have to sell another heirloom) and a free gas mask. We can’t give them the ugly eye when their kids act up with the store, we must extend grace! We know that) he, in fact, within the metaphor (and everything when talking about God is in fact a metaphor isn’t it?) is a divorced and hurt groom still waiting for things to be made right. I can kiss her little head while she is drinking her milk now, something that is not easy to do when nursing. I never had any issues while nursing our latest edition and I even contemplated going longer with her than I had with the first. She was only two weeks earlier than her sister (and she was weaned after she bit me with her new teeth!) and I am proud that we were able to make it past the 6 months they say is most beneficial. You slump out of the house to the sound of betrayal and heartbreak, and arrive 15 minutes late to your appointment.

You've just decided on three days when you walk through your front door for a joyful reunion with your children.
Their impoverished family soon had to flee to Egypt where he grew up as an illegal alien until he was able to return back home to Nazareth–a place that you NEVER want to live and always want to be leaving. The ghetto can’t be avoided as a place too dangerous for us in the burbs (or wherever you live) because Jesus grew up there. It is much messier, however, and needing a cloth under her chin while drinking these bottles makes her as much crazy as me! The benefits have certainly outweighed any physical or emotional drawbacks I have been feeling so far! I gave her cereal before bed, changed diapers, walked her, didn’t walk her, kept her in the crib rubbing her back, let her cry a bit before going in to soothe her again. But you dare not speak the words aloud, lest the You-Counted-Your-Chickens-Before-They-Hatched Fairies hear you and seek revenge. So you sit in the lobby for an hour, reading magazines about famous people with nannies and personal hairstylists -- the most peaceful hour you've had in weeks. Still reveling in the I-took-a-break-from-Mommying afterglow, you do not cry -- you have grace to spare. Whatever we think about gay marriage maybe we should have space to honor any two individuals regardless of gender who want to love on a child–Jesus seemed to do alright. You tell yourself that banana makes hair shiny, and you never liked New Haircut Smell, anyway. That song is just one example of how we have romanticized and thus taken away some of the power of Jesus’ birth story. I asked her doctor about it, at each of her appointments worried that maybe I wasn’t producing enough milk or maybe not good enough milk to sustain her for longer periods. The welcome-to-the-salon-fake-French guy feels sorry for you, and covers you with a blanket. She only told me that it was my child’s temperament and that I had to persevere through the crying and just not feed her. Her weight certainly attested to the fact that my milk was enough for her to live on and she was always the happiest baby no matter what during the day – no colic or digestion problems here.

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